Tribute to the legend Tony Cozier




Tony Cozier was a linguistic maestro.

Long before wide screens and instant replay and third umpires, he painted colourful, true to life pictures of the cricketing exploits of our West Indies teams against the rest of the world. To say that he knew the game of cricket is an understatement; to say that he taught us the intricacies of the game is without question.

Tony Cozier, BBC Commentator
Tony Cozier, BBC Commentator

A Tony Cozier commentary took you to the particular cricket ground; you saw every, quick single, audacious 4 and 6; every spectacular catch and stumping. All through the pictures he painted with mere words from his bottomless lexicon. His memory was unfailingly accurate and his wit sharp and precise in its delivery.

Barbados, small as we are, has produced sons and daughters who have stood large on the world stage and dominated their spheres of endeavour. Tony Cozier was the best at his game. My sincerest condolences to wife, children, wider family and friends.

May he rest in peace.

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