Enter party boat Ocean Quest

Partygoers and promoters may expect to see a new boat sailing along Barbados’ southern shores in the form of the Ocean Quest this summer.

The party boat, docked at The Shallow Draught in Bridgetown, falls under the ownership of Atlantis Submarines, but “is its own entity”, revealed sales representative and promoter Kirk Thompson at the recent launch of Ocean Quest: City Of Light.


“The idea came up of having a next party boat . . . . I liked the idea. I went on to show them the possibilities, and from there we went on to where it is right now,” disclosed Thompson on his role in the endeavour.

Carrying 150 passengers, Ocean Quest will be holding its own against popular party boats such as the Jolly Roger, MC Buccaneer and MC Harbour Master which will be returning for
Crop Over.

Kirk Thompson
Kirk Thompson

Commenting on the intense competition expected in the upcoming months, Thompson said: “In Barbados we like new stuff; we know there will be competition. That’s the way it is –– competition
is everywhere.”

Charlotte Moore, marketing manager of Atlantis Submarines, shared that this was not the first time the company had ventured into this territory.

“We’ve actually tried to do some stuff for Crop Over last year, and we were toying with this a bit and we just decided to put it out there.

“The response for this was actually quite huge. It was just a little hint, but we got some really good response from it. So we decided we were going to pursue.”

Charlotte Moore
Charlotte Moore

Moore held that Ocean Quest should be seen as a “reintroduction” to the party cruising scene, saying: “Years ago, we used to do dock limes with this Ocean Quest. We did a couple sails, but we used to do dock limes as well, and they used to be sold out. They used to have a lot of people.

“So it’s kind of like Ocean Quest cruises are back, but in a bigger way.”

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