All that St Lucia Jazz!

todays vendorEvery year, I look forward to St Lucia Jazz as one of my annual highlights. De level of organization and efficiency, the entertainment, the people I does lime with and de experience I does get from attending dis festival is second to none.

And every year, dem does put on some additional frills and a little tweaking here and a little tweaking there, constantly improving de product.

I went to a new event pun Thursday last: Young Voices On The Bay, showcasing the talents of four young singers backed by some very competent musicians, all put together by the iconic Ronald “Boo” Hinkson, my brother. De event was at Tapas On The Bay, the sister restaurant to one of St Lucia’s best –– Big Chef Restaurant.

I nearly did not go, because, truth be told, everyone in my party was tired; but because my brother Boo was showcasing these new talents, a voice in my head said: “Market, yuh got to go.”

We does use superlatives often and mostly loosely to express we selves, but pun dis occasion I would have to say I was blown away by de quality of the singers and de performances also. De place was packed, as most venues does be fuh de jazz events in St Lucia. So happy I went to see dese
young voices.

Friday night was a night I was looking forward to: Shaggy and OMI in de house, along with Kes and other big names in Caribbean music.

OMI fuh me was ordinary and I left before Shaggy was done. I wasn’t surprised by OMI. So far, he is a one-hit wonder; so I wasn’t expecting much; but Shaggy was another story.

Shaggy is one of these singers who does get pay to sing, and then do two things: talk too much and then have de audience sing. I pay good money not to hear you talk. When I want talk, I does turn on Capital Media HD 99.3 and them will entertain me. If Shaggy want to talk, he should find a radio station and wuk there.

Then this business of you pointing de mic at we de audience and we doing de singing, dat can’t wuk wid me. I pay fuh you to sing, and you getting big money, but want me to do de singing?

I not de onliest person who feel dat way, many of my friends also left early fuh de same reason. If Shaggy was a meal I was paying for, I woulda sent it back and ask back fuh muh money. I fed up wid dat crap from entertainers. Sing de damn songs and give we what we came to hear!

So I mark Shaggy as below par and not worth the effort. I shoulda remain in me hotel ’cause Arturo Tappin had de beach at Windjammer rocking in another of the new big shows.

So when de dust settled I had pulled up stumps early, well before Shaggy was done and headed home.Wheel and come again, Mr Bombastic! Yuh was mediocre!

Kudos to the St Lucia Tourist Board, their organizing committees and all de system operators. Everything working like clockwork from de police directing traffic down to the shuttle buses inbound
and outbound.

Sunday morning, I went to one of my favourite churches –– St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Gros Islet. I went for a 6:30.a.m. Mass, but de Mass was at 7:30 a.m.; so I stayed till 7:30 Mass and did not regret.

Towards the end when they ask visitors to stand, half the packed church came over with smiles, hugs and kisses, even some of the men gave kisses, mekking De Vendor li’l nervous. What a joyful congregation, they always make me feel so welcome at Gros Islet!

In de meantime, I Market Vendor gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?

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