King admits to slapping women on their buttocks

COURT TODAY BLOCKTroy Antonio King, also known as Troy Wilkinson, admitted to High Court No. 2 yesterday to assaulting four young women between 2014 and last year, by either grabbing or slapping their buttocks.

However, it was after King’s antecedents were read before Justice Michelle Weekes that Principal Crown Counsel Alliston Seale told the court that he had something “of a history” with King and was convinced that he needed more than just the ordinary pre-sentencing report.

Seale suggested that it might assist the court if the convicted man, who has 27 priors, also got a psychological and psychiatric report.

King had already been placed on probation, had suspended sentences and was jailed for offences which included taking cars and minibuses without the owners’ permission, stealing bicycles, theft of newspapers on three occasions, loitering at the airport and a few counts of intent to steal.

According to Seale, King’s antecedents showed a fixation at one time with minibuses, then aeroplanes at the Grantley Adams International Airport “which were too big to hold in his pocket”, cars and “now he has a fixation on women’s buttocks”.

King had at one point taken a Transport Board bus from the Mangrove Depot without permission.

While declaring that he was no expert in the field, the prosecutor said: “I am sure this man needs help.”

In two of the four cases he confessed to yesterday, King admitted in a statement to police that he masturbated after touching the women.

In one case involving an 18-year-old last June, King grabbed her buttocks and afterward told her that it “feel good”.

Justice Weekes ordered the reports, as well as one from the prison indicating how long he had spent there on remand.

King offered his assistance by telling the court he has spent 324 days in prison so far. Although the judge thanked him for the information, she said she preferred that it came from the prison authorities.

King will return to court on June 30.

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