Blame them!

Politicians contributing to low productivity, says academic

Blame them!

Politicians have to take their fair share of blame for low productivity in the public sector, says one University of the West Indies academic.

Senior Lecturer in Management at the Cave Hill Campus Dr Dion Greenidge said given the small size of Caribbean islands, “political influence” tended to impact one way or another on development.

“‘Man I got to get a vote, so I gine send somebody’. That is the culture in the Caribbean and far from that, this body knows this body . . . that is the way it works.

“I don’t know so much we are going to be able to get away from that . . . but we are going to have to recognize, and the politicians when they get in Parliament they want to talk about productivity, they have to recognize that they contribute at different levels too,” said Greenidge, who pointed out that some politicians were responsible for sending people they knew to different Government departments for work even though they knew “and the person is not competent”.

“All of that is going to impact on the moral and productivity of the entire department or organization as a whole. So when you talk about productivity then you must recognize that behaviour, if it is occurring . . . it is something that needs consideration not to occur,” he advised.

At the same time, Greenidge acknowledged that in the private sector managers and business owners who hire family and friends without ensuring they were suitably qualified.

“I am not saying you are not going to help out somebody . . . you will help out somebody, but in helping out somebody ensure that the person is the right person for that particular job,” advised Greenidge.

He was speaking during a recent seminar, which zeroed in on factors affecting productivity.

“This is where we have to look back at public sector reform. I don’t even know if they really started . . . I don’t really know if they started,” said Greenidge.

He said there was need to “decentralize” human resource management within the public sector.

“That is needed and they need to relook HR because it is very much personal management in the public sector and that is the problem that you have. And therefore when you talk about disciplinary procedures and when we talk about nepotism and so on that will occur until we can then have proper and effective HR practices participant procedures,” Greenidge told the room of public and private sector employees. (MM)

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  1. jrsmith May 5, 2016 at 4:55 am

    Blame politicians for everything , Barbados is a lazy non productive island because the government is standing in the way of progress, they only believe in what they party thinks and do , we have a top heavy political non productive infrastructure of people who are in over they heads..Barbados is a failure regime from Government they try this , they try that, they try ideas from other regional failures..

    The world is very educational free to anyone to learn from , but our politicians is still at the rum , corned beef and biscuits cross roads waiting, and waiting…

  2. harry turnover May 5, 2016 at 6:18 am

    Remove the 21 days uncertified sick leave that those unscrupulous civil servants use up year after to begin with OR use it when computing ones gratuity and pension.Remove paid passage leave .
    A permanent secretary ( on promotion ) should be one who has put in at least 25 to 30 years of exemplary service like it was done in the past.
    These days most appointments are political in nature and every man jack knows why and are given to those ( mostly women ) who are under 40 and barely have 15 years experience behind them.
    That is the MAIN reason for the low productivity the don’t care attitude and the using up of the 21 days uncertified leave.

  3. Donna May 5, 2016 at 8:07 am

    The sick leave is already being used when computing gratuity.

  4. Rochelle May 5, 2016 at 8:41 am

    Thanks for the article. However may I ask that the reporters/journalists please use appropriate grammar, punctuation and sensible complete sentences before publishing an article? It makes for more comprehensive reading when you do. I do not mean to bash….just a critique for better journalism. You can only get better! 🙂

  5. maxjustina May 5, 2016 at 10:29 am

    Within the Civil Service, there are heads of department who make sure to let you know that your place of birth and growing up was a slum. Some of them call you “gutter rats” to your face. Some of them treat innocent hard working and caring personnel like scum. They have no idea that many of us are bearing generational curses because we no longer worship idols and work witchcraft but instead worship the Creator of Heaven and earth Yahoveh Most High. Some of these heads of department are aware that many times, workers are on the job but they are hungry, have no food at home and have no idea as to where to get money. Some of them, if they give you money to assist in paying a bill, they tell other workers. Some of them when they have workers that go beyond the call of duty, work day and night with little rest to get work done, wear to work clothes that are more than 15 years old but are praised outside of the department for their professional work, begin to whisper lies and encourage other of their workers to spread false rumours about those committed workers; they (bosses) operate in such a manner that if a colleague is speaking to you, and they notice that the boss is coming in that direction, they leave your presence in a hurry. When you have realised why that colleague has left your presence so hurriedly, you can see the boss coming across the corridor. In essence, the colleagues know that if he or she is caught having a conversation with you, that he or she will begin to get the same horrible, discriminating behaviour meted out to him or her. At times bosses as you to prepare a document or a programme of your choice for the benefit of clients of the department and after you have done so, you realise that the boss’s favourite worker/friend/same-sex lover, has been chosen to take your document and conduct the programme while not even so much as inviting you to be a part. You see and know how the boss has colluded with international “consultants” to put her same calibre of friends in senior positions to lord it over others who work much better then they do – proven by others outside of the department – while allowing the said “consultants” to call you into a meeting to accuse you falsely in accordance with what the boss had told them about you. Then the boss walks around telling other that she had to do “some damage control”. Yahoveh is not sleeping. There are times when you see past heads of department in dilapidated states accompanied by illnesses. WHEN YOU SEE IT PICK UP YOUR FEET AND RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. THEY MUST REAP THE JUST REWARDS OF THEIR DEEDS.

    All in all, I will never encourage workers to stay home just because they “got 21 days uncertified sick leave. Granted , you may not feel the same way each day, especially those with asthma, diabetes or high blood pressure, low blood count, etc but wherever possible, try to be honest to Yahoveh and to yourself. When you are honest to Yahoveh and yourself, He defends you and put your enemies to shame – even heads of department.

  6. Tony Waterman May 5, 2016 at 12:30 pm

    “”Within the Civil Service, there are heads of department who make sure to let you know that your place of birth and growing up was a slum. Some of them call you “gutter rats” to your face. Some of them treat innocent hard working and caring personnel like scum.””

    Is that not what the DLP did to Mascoll when he was in the Running for their Leadership ???

    So What’s new ??? Barbados was always like that, Read the Book “”The Palms are Dying”” it’s as true as John 3:16.
    Check out what happened to the Editor of “”The Truth”” Nerwspaper.
    Bad Habits take long to die, and BTW!!!! becoming a Republic will only make things WORSE.

  7. dave May 5, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    Politicians are setting bad examples -plain and simple. Take the PM for example. What example is he setting ? Silence when issues should be addressed ; No Press conferences ; No guidance ; No vision and the senior civil servants take their lead from him. You write the PM -No acknowledgement or response–ditto for Senior civil servants; . Tony Waterman is correct in quoting maxjustina who said that ”
    “”Within the Civil Service, there are heads of department
    who make sure to let you know that your place of birth
    and growing up was a slum. Some of them call you
    “gutter rats” to your face. Some of them treat innocent
    hard working and caring personnel like scum.””

    jrsmith and harryturnover are both correct.
    The situation is bad and made even worst by the people who are being appointed to act in positions and those who are being appointed . Some how somebody believe that females would do a better job. I am not sure. The politicians are not gonna to do anything about it because they are befitting in their own selfish ways ; they do not care about the country and would destroy everything just to reach pension and draw salaries. We the people need to take charge of the situation but as descendants of slaves , I do not think we know how to do so.

    We believe in mendicancy therefore unscrupulous people enter politics and take advantage of us. We just do not know how but there is a way. That is why anybody who shows any fight against the establishment becomes an over night sensation We are looking for a most man figure to rescue us. Our confidence or lack thereof does not allow us to realize that the power lies with us.


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