Students could not wait to exhale

After months of sacrifices in preparation for the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination, over 3,000 primary school students finally exhaled at the end of it all today.

With their biggest academic test so far behind them, many of the students rushed out of the examination centres into the waiting arms of nervous parents who got a brief report on the examination.

It was then time to celebrate and unwind. 

Scores flocked to Bubbas Sports Bar to celebrate.
Scores flocked to Bubbas Sports Bar to celebrate.

Some visited restaurants and fast food outlets, while others checked in at hotels to spend the remainder of the day. Students of one primary school even took to the beach for a dip in the waters in full school uniform.

Barbados TODAY visited some of these locations where the sounds of running feet and the screams of excitement and joy betrayed their relief that the exam was finally over.

“I am happy that it is all over. I am just relaxing now and having fun,” Kyla Jordan of St Patrick’s Roman Catholic told Barbados TODAY as she sat in Bubbas Sports Bar where she was about to enjoy a meal.

The workers at the sports bar are used to this. Manager Adrian Jones said every year he and his employees work hard at meeting the demands of scores of primary school students and their relatives who visit the location to enjoy a meal and relax after the Common Entrance examination.

Jones said this year was no different and explained that for the second year in a row, a tent was pitched in the car park to accommodate the large crowd.

“We had a tent last year, but this year, the people in the tent actually repeated two or three times. As usual the children are bubbly, we are kept busy and it was a little stressful for us but we enjoy it every year,” Jones said.

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