Workers to hear of ‘better way’ tomorrow

The island’s largest trade union, the Barbados Workers Union, will tomorrow reveal a better way to solve industrial disputes other than staging strikes, when it addresses workers and authorities.

BWU General Secretary Toni Moore this evening told the 75-year-old organization’s May Day Annual Service of Thanksgiving, held at union headquarters, Solidarity House, that decisions to strike bring no happiness, and that the country was mature enough to have an easier method of ensuring agreement between workers and management.


Closing the evening’s service, following a feature presentation by Reverend Dr Joel Cumberbatch, who had commented on the freedom of Barbados’ trade unions to call out workers, Moore said, “Although we would like to say, long may that [freedom to strike] be so . . . for those of us who walk it, it is extremely difficult to have to go that way. There is no joy in having to reach a point where you feel that is the only alternative left.”


The General Secretary is scheduled to address workers tomorrow at Browne’s Beach following the traditional May Day parade through the City, and she promised, “Tomorrow I will be speaking at length . . . I hope to take some time reminding us that there is a better way known to this country.



“As an organization in its 75th year, we’ve gone many different ways. We’ve navigated; we’ve seen it all. As a country at 50 we know of the better way.”




2 Responses to Workers to hear of ‘better way’ tomorrow

  1. dave May 1, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    I am falling in love with Toni Moore
    I think she is doing a good job so far
    and I believe she will go from strength to invincible
    and do an excellent job. Julian Hunte should have stayed and form a formidable force with Toni

  2. jrsmith May 2, 2016 at 12:05 pm

    Yes I agree Toni Moore is doing a good job so far, but I do hope she not play into the hands of the politicians like the predecessor did, and behave as the 1% ers and certain other people expect , towing the religious line , then she will loose creditability and not be taken serious..
    Barbados trade unions need to establish themselves come closer together, speak with the voice of authority don’t just be management, (BUT BE ALWAYS IN CONTROL)…


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