Stiffy: Better and better

He has been in the music industry for quite sometime, and we have all watched him grow from strength to strength.

He first came to us with Carr My Sheep In Town, but has quickly progressed into Stiffy Starquality, who is plugged into all, and equipped with a new management team. Speaking to Bajan
following his most recent performance at Reggae On The Beach, Stiffy said his main goal as time went on was getting better and not becoming stagnant.

“Every performance is not a bad one. You . . . learn and know what [you] need to improve on, and go from there. I would go home, watch [performances] over, and look at what I can do to better myself; go back to the drawing board and come back fresh.

“It’s a learning process for me all the time. My main concern and my main goal: constantly improving,” he explained.

And to this day, he still hasn’t quite got accustomed to the crowd response when he graces a stage and has thousands of girls screaming his name.

“The crowd response is always amazing. I’m not one to think that every time I go out people will scream or anything like that. I just leave it down to the energy. I just flow from the crowd’s energy,” he said.

As for Crop Over, Stiffy is not letting too much out the bag, but he promised to “mash it up”. He didn’t reveal just how many songs he would be dropping, or whether or not he would be competing.

However, giving his views on Bajan music, he said he was glad to see where it had reached and was looking forward to how much further it would go.

“Music is growing. The Bajan artistes are being respected more worldwide in terms of their own music. Everything is getting better all the time,” he said.

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