Seth going places with his comedy

By now, everyone has watched on Facebook the comedy videos by Seth Xcel Bovell, and agree he is quite hilarious. And many a person must have found themselves using his catchphrase  “Yea, families” every so often.

But, for Seth, comedy is no joke. He is actually taking this new career path very seriously, and hopefully all the way.

He hosted his first major event last Sunday at the Reggae Beach Party, and for him it was a dream come true.
He told Bajan Vibes he was quite surprised at how comedy for him had just taken off.

Seth Bovell said it was a dream come true to host the Reggae Beach Party.
Seth Bovell said it was a dream come true to host the Reggae Beach Party.
Seth (left) and his co-host Jamar during the show.
Seth (left) and his co-host Jamar during the show.

“I’m surprised by how it has taken off, but I put in a lot of hard work. So I’m glad the people like it. When I first started out, it was just for fun. I started with my friends and created Porgie And Murda. Then, I started doing my own stuff, getting into it; just experimenting; now it’s just taken off.”

But just how does Seth come up with these jokes time after time? He told Bajan Vibes it was as easy as one, two, three.

“It’s from taking in so much comedy that my life is just comedy. In every little thing I find something funny,” he explained.

Seth told Bajan Vibes he decided to get into comedy because he felt there was something missing.

“I think comedy was missing in Barbados; but I think what I’m doing now is helping to get it back to where it once was. I’m trying to fill that void.”

However, while he has huge ambitions, Seth told Bajan Vibes he is taking one step at a time.

“There’s no rush. Right now, I’m getting requests to host shows in Toronto and Boston. But right now I’m focusing on mastering my craft. When I get there, I get there, taking it slowly,” he explained,

And for all you Xcel fans out there, he has some exciting stuff up his sleeve, and he is promising to “be ’bout here heavy”.

“I have a show coming up, a big production coming; but don’t want to give the date as yet. Just look out for The Bovell Show. I’ll also have five soca releases this year; so stay tuned,” he promised.

And you can find him on a stand-up comedy stage in times to come.

“I planned to do stand-up at one point, but I won’t be doing it until I am comfortable enough with my craft.
Don’t want to rush things.”

And you can be sure to see his on-screen and off-screen “wifey” Nadia, right by his side.

“Anything I’m doing, my wifey must be doing it with me. It’s beautiful getting work with someone who’s got you,” Seth suggested with a broad smile.

Seth and his partner Nadia.
Seth and his partner Nadia.

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