Coppin accused of assaulting officers

todays courtA man accused of assaulting two police officers and who thought his long-time friend whom he called as an eyewitness would help his case, was badly mistaken when he appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court this afternoon.

Twenty-seven-year-old Corey Jamar Coppin of Skeetes Road, Garden Land, St Michael is charged with unlawful possession of cannabis, assaulting and resisting Police Constable Jason Chambers in the execution of his duties and assaulting and resisting Police Constable Kenroy Ashton in the execution of his duties on May 30, 2014.

During his time in the dock, the unemployed man experienced two major problems with his case.  Under intense cross examination by the police prosecution, he appeared to have trapped himself by admitting to one of the charges – resisting arrest.

In the words of Magistrate Kristie
Cuffy-Sargeant, Coppin’s witness, Dwayne Simmons, put the icing on the cake by testifying that the accused had to be forced into a police vehicle after officers told him to get into the jeep.

On being told by the accused that he wanted to call other witnesses, the magistrate repeatedly asked him if he was sure that was what he really wanted to do, considering his admission of guilt and hearing the damaging evidence from his main witness.

At first, Coppin said he wanted to call other witnesses, but took the magistrate’s advice not to waste her time by doing so. She warned him if he did, his sentencing could end up being harsher. Cuffy-Sargeant therefore told Coppin she found him guilty on all counts and would sentence him on Friday.

He was again released on bail in the sum of $3,000. Coppin was not represented by counsel.

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