Third BLP player looking to unseat PM

A third person has entered the race for the nomination to represent the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in St Michael South against Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.

Educator Nathaniel Boyce believes he is the man to oust Stuart from the seat he has held since 2008, when the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) came to power, ending the BLP’s run of three straight terms in office.

Nathaniel Boyce
Nathaniel Boyce

Barbados TODAY reported last week that Government statistician and General Treasurer of the National Union of Public Workers Asokore Beckles and former Director of Social Policy Research and Planning and ex-Manager of Administration at the Child Care Board Kirk Humphrey were seeking nomination to carry the BLP’s flag in the St Michael riding.

However, 36-year-old Boyce has declared that he, too, is in the race and he has a clear advantage because has was born and raised in the constituency and he gets results.

“People need someone they can trust in this climate and not someone with a lot of dry talk. They want action.

“I have actually brought in a lot of support for the party, not just members from the Barbados Labour Party but a lot of people who were actually DLPs who say they would never vote for the party again and persons who say they would not vote have actually been signing up ahead of Nomination Day,” he told Barbados TODAY.

A confident Boyce added that he was being encouraged almost daily by residents to contest the nomination and he did not plan to disappoint his supporters.

Like the other two pretenders, the aspiring politician focused his attention on the man he hopes to challenge when the election is called, saying that Stuart had forsaken the constituency and that people were ready to boot the country’s leader out of office.

The young teacher charged that signs of neglect were evident across the constituency and he was motivated to enter politics to improve the lives of his friends and neighbours.

“I believe his [Stuart] time has expired and his vision and his ideals are somewhat outdated. But you need young, fresh blood to come in to offer a change.

“The people out there are really frustrated. If you had to do a survey you will see I am correct. People want change and not just any type of change, they want someone like myself who lives in the community who they can talk to and say, ‘I am having such and such an issue,’” the BLP hopeful said.

Boyce, who has been canvassing the constituency for months, identified unemployment as the main challenge facing residents, and promised that job creation would be at the top of his list of priorities.

“Persons out there are suffering and finding it very hard to make ends meet. A lot of individuals are not working [and] they have families to support,” he added.

The educator also knocked Government’s handling of the economy, charging that it had been stagnant and too many people had lost their livelihoods as a result.

Boyce explained that the BLP’s “history of getting out there and working for the people” had influenced his bid to join the Opposition team for the next election.

3 Responses to Third BLP player looking to unseat PM

  1. jrsmith April 27, 2016 at 4:43 am

    Again you are doing the same as all the others, talking of the failures of others the issues ,what are you going to do if you become a politician your manifesto to the people for the people, stop putting you all parties first, that’s the failure…what ever you do is for the party…Fail, Fail…

  2. Sue Donym April 27, 2016 at 10:07 am

    Apparently teachers have a little more time than Mr Shepherd and the BUT executive would have us believe. We’ll bear this in mind when the next meeting is scheduled.

  3. dave April 28, 2016 at 10:02 am

    Be careful with these people who say that they would never vote DLP again -yuh hear ! They said the same thing in 2013 but when the second poll came out and they believed that the party would lose , they rallied. These same people after the DLP finish with the blitz of the 50TH ANNIVERSARY celebrations , start a few projects and employ nuff people just before election, these same people will be fooled and they will run back and vote DLP . Then we will really see the character of the fattted calf syndrome unveiled –really !

    The DLP is the worst !!


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