Mum’s regret

The mother of Barbados’ second murder victim for the year said she would forever regret not making the final journey with her son who took his last breath in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Gale Gooding admiring the pond her son Dwayne Gooding built on her property.
Gale Gooding admiring the pond her son Dwayne Gooding built on her property.

Gale Gooding indicated that she also would forever be haunted by the fact that she did not get to tell her son Dwayne Jason Omar Gooding goodbye.

Dwayne Gooding
Dwayne Gooding

Jason, of My Lord’s Hill, St Michael, was returning home from White’s Shop in Martinique Road, Government Hill when he was attacked along a pathway not far from the retail outlet.

Police have arrested and charged Omar Oneal Hurdle, 33, of 3rd Avenue, Ivy, St Michael with his murder.

Earlier reports had indicated that Jason, as his mother referred to him, died while undergoing treatment for the multiple wounds he received in the attack, but his mother told Barbados TODAY the 32-year-old died on the way to the hospital and that the doctors had told her he had lost a lot of blood.

She explained that she did not get into the ambulance because she had to return home to inform the family of the attack.

“I remember when they were lifting him into the ambulance and I said, ‘J, mummy coming, J, mummy coming’, because I had to run home to alert the others at home as to what was going on.

“If I had went with him, nobody at home would have known. I did not have my cellular phone with me. I ran home and I tell the rest ‘come’, and we got in the car and drive down to the hospital. But when I got there he was gone,” the mother recalled.

Along with that regret, Gooding said what troubled her most were the circumstances surrounding his death. It was reported that Jason received multiple wounds, including some to the head and arms.

Gooding said she knew something was not right that Saturday night when she rang her son just after 9 p.m., and got no response.

“He would call back if he was doing something but he didn’t call back. ten o’clock I called again and he didn’t call back and I say something got to be wrong. Eleven o’clock I called again and no answer and I said to myself ‘this ain’t like Jason’ because if I call and he missed my call he would call back,” she said, nodding her head reassuringly.

She said her maternal instincts were telling her that something had gone wrong with her son and she came face to face with that reality when, just after midnight, there was a knock at her door and someone called to her, asking her to get to the scene immediately.

Gooding recalled running in the dark until she got there and, seeing her son, called out his name.

“I said ‘J this is mummy’. I saw him move his feet. I was there for like ten minutes until the ambulance come.”

As she reminisced on her son’s life, the grieving mother took Barbados TODAY to his bedroom and showed the team the last cup he used, standing empty on the television stand, his bed still unmade and a towel left hanging on the door. This was where he spent most of his time when at home and this is where she feels the greatest heartaches.

Gooding said her first-born had a clean police record, never got into trouble, never was involved in quarrels or confrontations with anyone and never disrespected her.

“He was just so quiet. Just used to go at the shop and play pool with his friends and hang out a little and come back home. The shop is where he was coming from that night,” she said.

The former student of St Giles Primary and Co-operative High School was always willing to help around the house and spent time with his mother in the garden which they nurtured, she revealed. Gooding added that Jason’s final act in the garden was the construction a pool which is populated with fish.

“Anything around the place that I want done all I have to say is ‘Jason’ and he would say ‘yes mom’. He was ready,” she said.

Most surreal was the fact that two weeks ago Jason mentioned that from a group of friends he had at secondary school, he was one of only two still alive. She said she attempted to reassure him at the time that he would be fine.

“Now look what happen,” she said.

2 Responses to Mum’s regret

  1. Lisa April 27, 2016 at 6:59 am

    My heart breaks for you. You have my deepest sympathy.

  2. Sarah Lyndell April 29, 2016 at 11:46 pm

    I can only imagine the profound pain. May The God who with infinite wisdom gives and takes according to His Divine knowledge, grant you peace in the midst of this time of turmoil, comfort you during this season of deepest sorrow and embrace you in His love during this time of greatest loss. No words, no thoughts of mortal origin can soothe the pain and grief of losing a child, especially when that loss occurs so unexpectedly and so tragically, but The Immortal, eternal God, He is able to restore you. I believe your son cherished your love, as you cherished his and I believe that your bond though changed, remains unbroken. I am praying with you.


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