‘Who Shelly Ross thinks she is?’

Anglican priest Rev. Charles Morris has roundly condemned the “public posturing” of self-styled child rights advocate Shelly Ross, amid ongoing controversy surrounding a recent violent attack involving a student and teacher at the Ellerslie Secondary School.

“It is a bad precedent because she is not availing herself of any facts,” Morris told Barbados TODAY, adding that as a teacher, he found Ross’ utterances to be quite worrying.

“If we follow closely what Miss Shelly Ross did last week without any facts, without listening to any interview or anything, she came to a conclusion that the teacher was wrong and the child was right and the poor child this and the poor child the next,” the outspoken Morris, who is a senior teacher at the Combermere School, complained.

“Adding to that, how can you base your conclusion on no sort of evidence, castigating teachers? I thought that we act on rationale, on reason, on these kinds of things, but to just posture like this does not augur well for any kind of relationship in Barbados,” the educator added.

In a scathing attack on Ross, who has been lobbying for the transfer, to another school, of a female Ellerslie teacher, who allegedly was attacked by a third form student, Morris questioned Ross’ credentials for speaking on such matters.

“I wonder what qualifications she would have to make her a child advocate. This is concerning me as a teacher and as one who always looks out for the best interest of students. She has no grounds to be calling for the teacher to be removed,” Morris contended.

He charged that Ross had not spoken to both sides in either the Ellerslie issue or the “wrapper controversy” at Springer Memorial that resulted in a female student being transferred.

“The thing at Springer Memorial, she was there. Ask Miss Ross what happened at Springer Memorial? She does not know apart from what was reported. Did she go to sit down and talk to the principal? Did she talk to any of the teachers at Springer Memorial? Did she talk to principal or any teachers or students at Ellerslie?

“You don’t come to a conclusion based on one side of a story,” Morris contended. “The teacher does not recall Shelly Ross speaking to her. I don’t know if the teacher was dazed from the cuff that she got, but the teacher does not recall speaking to a Miss Shelly Ross.”

Morris said the situation has now resulted in students taking “an attitude that they can do teachers anything and get away with it.

“I had an experience last week at school where . . . I told this guy to go to his class. I asked him what class does he have now and he said he did not know and I said, ‘two terms and two weeks and you do not know what class you have at 1:30 p.m. on Thursdays?’ . . . and the opinion was expressed that they can do teachers anything now and they can get away.”

“That is what is happening in our country and that’s the feeling among the students as well, that they can do things to teachers and get away with it because everybody ‘pun’ their side. Now this is setting a dangerous precedent here in Barbados where teachers can no longer discipline students,” Morris warned.

In further questioning the involvement of Ross in the recent controversy, he asked: “Is this the same Shelly Ross who came to Combermere in 1998 and presented herself as a business woman? I can’t say that it is.

“I am wondering if it is the Shelly Ross whose daughter was dismissed from St Winifred’s School.  If it is the same Shelly Ross of 1998, then she could contact me.

“Tell her to return to Combermere School at any time and I will be willing to talk to her and have a discussion on advocacy and children’s issues. We can discuss things like respect for authority,” Morris said.

Efforts by Barbados TODAY to reach Ross were unsuccessful.

10 Responses to ‘Who Shelly Ross thinks she is?’

  1. Bajan boy April 26, 2016 at 5:47 am

    When you hav a Government that disrespected its citizens the way this one has and lied to them the way this one has and has caused the people to suffer the way this has and has refused to set any example of good Governance the way the way this one has what do we expect of the impressionable minds in the same society.
    A Minister of education who for 8 years who cannot identify a single progressive idea for educational devolpment that has come to fruition and a Prime Minister who has absolutely no authority to make any decisions to try some one else in the interest of our children then he should resign.

  2. jrsmith April 26, 2016 at 6:22 am

    @ Bajan Boy, hail, hail, on the button, I called this the try this , try that government picking up ideas from some countries as they go, we the people secure these politicians jobs for five years, the problem we the bajans cant do any thing until a general election..

    We are a little island with a top heavy group of politicians and still we are in a mess, these people has got to be the most non-productive group of politicians ,ever put together in the history of Barbados..as I said before, its like a group who is selected to build to house, but they are all painters…

    It would be good if we had the right to have a vote of no confidence in these individuals, by they constituents if the vote goes against them we kick them out, then we wouldn’t have to take pain for 5 years from any dam politicians…

  3. harry turnover April 26, 2016 at 6:58 am

    …..but Rev…who says that the Unions’ story is the truth and nothing but the truth ? I too was calling for the dismissal of that girl…..but I don’t know what is going on …I see lies on top of lies and a little covering up here and there with some cooperating in between.

  4. jacob April 26, 2016 at 7:08 am

    What a dirtbag, bringing up the woman’s daughter, doesn’t sound to me as if he has children’s best interest at heart. He sounds very self serving and one sided.

  5. Lisa April 26, 2016 at 10:46 am

    if she can dish it out, she should be able to tek um.

  6. Andrew Rudder April 26, 2016 at 11:38 am

    Words to the wise! Attending my school in the Sixties-Seventies one’s conduct mark was vitally important in being a member of the student body. Dismissal could be for a three time low score mark.

  7. Shelly Ross April 26, 2016 at 1:07 pm

    Abolutely amazing!
    This is why I need to stand up and speak out for children and I will not be moved. This TEACHER has gone to lengths to tarnish me and has even touched on my child. My crime – Helping children
    He speaks of me not having facts, and he has sought to discredit me with statements that my child was dismissed from a school.
    From the age of 4 my only child/daughter was involved in several activites and at the age of 4 (1994) she entered a public primary school and dissatisfied with the manners of teachers there, I moved her to St. Winifred’s School In January 1995, after less than a term in the public school. She did her CEE at 10 in 2000.
    She attended The St. MIchael School and at the age of 14 she gained distinctions in CXC Maths and English Lang and went on to add seven more by the age of 15. She was also honoured at one of the school’s founding day awards (I think that is what it was).
    She entered QC 6th form at 15 and graduated in 2007 with an assocaite degree in Science.
    At 17 she entered university in Spain after gaining a partial scholarship through high scores on SATs and an outstanding bio.
    During her school days she was outstanding in squash and represented Barbados, locally, regionally and internationally gaining many sportsmanship awards along the way.
    She was also chosen in 2004 to represent the island at an Interact Conference in Trinidad.
    While at College she volunteered as an English teacher in Ethiopia during her summer vacations.
    That is a brief, So yes, Mr. Morris I am the mother of that child.
    Talking about facts!

  8. lennox hewitt April 26, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    Yes what qualified shelly ross as a child advacate all happen she wake up and say i wan be a child advacate she mussy never even deal wid children only she own why she in talk bout d stabbing yesterday ? so let she take she sign n go home

  9. Sherlock Holmes. April 26, 2016 at 8:23 pm

    It amazes me that this chap is a priest, his utterances are just mind boggling at times, i take solace in one particular fact the God we who acknowledge him, serve is long suffering,there are some who believe that they are the only persons who should have all the say and the rest of us should remain silent because of their so called prominence in society Miss Ross like you has the right to do what she so desires once it is not in accordance with our laws, but you a man that one would expect should know better casting all kind of stones who do you think you are? your opinions just do not matter, no one takes you seriously you are not even a has been.

  10. Sherlock Holmes. April 26, 2016 at 8:30 pm

    Correction, once it is in accordance with our laws.


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