King increases draughts lead

It was another bloody shoot out in draughts Sunday, this time the theatre of combat was the Christ Church Girl’s School.

Leader Ronald “Suki” King remains unbeaten after seven rounds with a 1-0 victory in the 10-14 line  against previously unbeaten Jeffrey “Socks” Clarke and a draw with Rawle “school boy” Williams. King has 20 points while second-placed Junior “Post” Walrond has 17 following a 1-0 victory over Ian Callender and two draws with teacher Mike Barker.

Ronald ‘Suki’ King
Ronald ‘Suki’ King

Williams earned revenge from the last team tournament when he clipped Carson Farley 1-0. Grazette, Williams, Farley and Barker are bunched third on 16 points. Farley bounced back with a 2-0 demolition of Oliver Whitford while Barker also had a piece of the action, stopping Whitford, both off line and online 1-0. Callender also lost twice.

Whitford, a newcomer to the Masters, had pronounced a victory in advance over Barker, a vastly experienced player but ended with the heaviest trouncing of the tournament in a single sitting.

Callender, Lorde, Lowe and Clarke are on 14 points apiece. Kent Layne suffered two defeats, 1-0 at the hand of first Trevor “Gazook” Howell, who has come in for the ill Sam Marshall, and later Winston “Scarpetta” Lowe, also 1-0.

With the sixth round completed and the seventh unfinished in the Majors category, Anderson “Brickford” Hunte leads on 18 points thanks to a 1-0 win against Carl David. Hunte has two points more than brother Hascol Trotman, 16, following a 2-0 dismissal of Edward Moore.

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One Response to King increases draughts lead

  1. Watchman April 26, 2016 at 8:01 am

    Hail Suki the King.
    The man that dominated draughts for a decade on the world stage and the only being in the universe that the machine couldn’t beat.

    His knighthood is overdue.


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