GUYANA – Confession

‘Child father’ admits to murdering maid of honour

efully, even travelling back to the interior to give himself an alibi, but this was not enough to stop detectives from implicating  Clevon Hamilton to the brutal murder of his reputed wife, Simone Hackett.

Police Thursday revealed that Hamilton, who was detained on Wednesday at Mahdia, has admitted to slitting Hamilton’s throat and dumping her remains in a trench at Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara on Saturday night.

Clevon Hamilton
Clevon Hamilton

Kaieteur News understands that the suspect, known as “Quarter”, has said that the killing stemmed from jealousy and because of Hackett’s refusal to give him custody of their son.

Police Thursday escorted the alleged killer back to the scene, where he pointed out the area where the murder occurred.

Detectives have taken statements from a bus driver and conductor, who had transported the suspect from Mahdia to Georgetown on Saturday.

“We also have phone records, which we will be using against him to further strengthen our case,” Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum said. Police are also seeking to contact a taxi driver who took Hamilton to and from the East Coast of Demerara.

Simone Hackett’s fate was sealed on Saturday, when she allegedly received a call from Hamilton, who said he was sending out a package, containing cash and gold, from Mahdia.

Hamilton allegedly instructed her to collect the “package” from an associate of his called “Dexter”.

Relatives told Kaieteur News that she left to meet “Dexter” at the Mahdia Bus Park, but the meeting place changed and instead she went to the Railway Embankment at UG Road. They last heard from her while she was waiting there.

During his interrogation Thursday, Hamilton reportedly told detectives that he travelled out of Mahdia by bus on Saturday morning. He then stayed at a hotel and when night fell, he contacted a taxi driver, who took him to Cummings Lodge. After asking the driver to wait, Hamilton, who had a cutlass in a haversack, then met Simone Hackett.

The suspect allegedly said that the two had a heated row over custody of their son. He was also jealous and angry over some of the things she was doing, and “couldn’t take it any longer”.

The suspect allegedly stated that he sneaked up behind his “child mother”, then choked his victim before inflicting the fatal wounds.

Leaving the murder weapon near the body, Hamilton allegedly then returned to Georgetown in the same taxi. He then returned to Mahdia.

Simone Hackett
Simone Hackett

Hackett’s mother had said that she last received a call from her daughter at 10:10 p.m., but her daughter wasn’t saying anything and she heard background noises as though the daughter was in a moving vehicle.

Relatives tried calling her cell phone continually, but kept getting voicemail.

They were particularly concerned, since she was scheduled to be the maid of honour at her sister’s wedding on Sunday. It was also the day that her son was celebrating his third birthday.

The relatives managed to contact Clevon Hamilton in the interior, and they questioned him about Hackett’s whereabouts.

Hamilton then went to the Mahdia Police Station where he professed innocence about Hackett’s fate. He was released after providing the police with a statement.

On Tuesday, two boys on their way to school spotted Hackett’s partially decomposed body in a trench at Fourth Field Cummings Lodge. Her throat was slit and she had been stabbed three times to the back and neck. She was clad in the same outfit she had left home with and her jewellery was intact. Police retrieved a black-handled cutlass from near the body.

On Wednesday, police apprehended Hamilton at Mahdia and escorted him back to Georgetown.

Relatives had alleged that a week prior to her death, Simone Hackett had received threats to her life over the continuing child custody dispute.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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