Gayle ban unlikely

Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland has insisted that it is unlikely that West Indies batting star Chris Gayle will be banned from future editions of the Big Bash League.

Gayle set off a firestorm earlier this year after asking television reporter Mel McLaughlin out on a date during a live television interview.

The cricketer, who had claimed the incident had been misunderstood as a failed attempt at humour, was later fined $US10,000 and with sentiments strong against the West Indian at the time reports seemed to suggest that Cricket Australia would discourage teams from signing him for future editions.

Sutherland in an apparent change of attitude has insisted such a move would be against the board’s policy.

“No matter what anyone at Cricket Australia thought (of the incident) at management level, board level, I think you’re on a slippery slope if you start making judgments on players who could or shouldn’t be playing in the Big Bash League or in our domestic competitions,” Sutherland said.

“Because, when does that ever end? My view is unless there’s a very, very strong reason along the lines of anti-corruption, then it’s difficult for us to be making those judgments.

“I’m not saying that it wouldn’t happen but my judgment is that it’s not appropriate it’s about the teams themselves to make the calls.”

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