Costly road to travel – Clarke

The amount of money that Government plans to spend on the acquisition of land to continue its road development programme under the Warrens Traffic Safety Improvement Project is too high a price to pay, contends Member of Parliament for St George North Gline Clarke.

Government this week sought parliamentary approval to compulsory acquire land in Redman’s Village, St Thomas and Warrens Terrace and Lodge Hill in St Michael at a cost of $17 million for the continuation of the multi-million dollar road project.

“The cost of the acquisition today is really expensive. When one looks today that the cost of this acquisition will cost Government over $17 million, this works out to almost $50 a square foot and it is expensive.

“Therefore, the Government has to really factor in the cost of acquisitions at this time and also in the future . . . Warrens is for the future and a development at Warrens and the surrounding areas must be taken into consideration,” Clarke told parliamentary colleagues.

The former Minister of Transport said he was all for improving the island’s road infrastructure and cautioned that politics should be kept out of the process.

He added that whichever party was in power, the country’s development ought to be the priority.

“We have to be very careful also in putting the politics into this whole situation. I am concerned that most of these things must have a political input, but politics must not play a part in looking at the development of our road infrastructure,” Clarke insisted. (NC)

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