Warrens delay

Work on multi-million dollar road development behind schedule

The over $60 million Warrens Traffic Safety Improvement Project is 24 months behind schedule and has been granted a one-year extension on the original completion date.

Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley made this disclosure today in the House of Assembly while introducing a resolution to approve the compulsory acquisition by the Crown of parcels of land situated at Redman’s Village, St James, Warrens Terrace, St Thomas, Warrens Terrace, St James, and Lodge Hill, St Michael for the public purpose of improving the road infrastructure under the Warrens Traffic Safety Improvement Project.

Lashley told Parliament the project was about 80 per cent complete, with outstanding work to be done on Green Hill, St Michael and along Redman’s Village to Bagatelle, St Thomas.

The St Philip North MP added that the estimated cost of acquisition of other lands in that area to complete the project was close to $17 million.

While noting that the Warrens, St Michael area had become a major business centre, Lashley disclosed that the Ministry of Housing and Lands has started the acquisition process.

So far the footpaths on Jackson, St Michael to Warrens Industrial Park have been completed, so too the roundabout at Warrens Industrial Estate and Government is now
looking to widen of Highway 2, with 75 per cent of bus lay-bys completed.

The St Philip North MP pointed out that the link roads to Warrens Towers and Simpson Motors were both finished but work on the proposed pedestrian underpass at Warrens was yet to get underway.

He said the overall aim of the project was not only to achieve physical enhancement of the area, but also increase safety on the roads. (NC)

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  1. Tony Webster April 20, 2016 at 6:28 am

    There are two ways to learn: either by the “How to” method, or alternatively , the “How-not-to” method. The latter one is better remembered, but is much harder on the person(s) paying the bill, and correcting mistakes. N.B: The “Relevant” Hon. Minister (current; past; or any colleagues) is NOT spending one red cent from his wallet, on this shambolic mess. But I guess he is “learning”.
    So are we.

    Would someone please alert the N.I.S. : C.A.F.; C.B.B.; I.A.D.B.; Men from de East; Dubai; etc….to expect a call.


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