Wheel and come again, Mr Lashley

Private operators of public service vehicles (PSVs) have responded to a planned Government crackdown on their movements in and out of the City.

During a “robust” meeting yesterday at the headquarters of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) on Dalkeith Road, St Michael, representatives of the Alliance of Owners of Public Transport (AOPT) and the Association of Public Transport Operators (APTO) took exception to the proposed restrictions, which do not apply to buses operated by the state-run Transport Board.

They are therefore appealing to Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley to rescind the plan, which would prohibit them from using Baxters Road as a means out of The City.

“For a lot of people that meant they were barred from doing a service they had previously doing,” explained Ingrid King, spokeswoman for the private PSVs.

“In other words, the original permits were for Baxters Road, but they were removed, ostensibly for just a temporary set of circumstances and then they were never returned. So we want it to return to a system of equity,” she told Barbados TODAY.

King said that recommendation was among a “package” of proposals agreed to at Sunday’s meeting, which the private PSV representatives intend to take forward to a meeting on Tuesday with officials of the Royal Barbados Police Force, the Licensing Authority, the Transport Authority and the Ministry.

The operators are also calling for a reversal of Government’s decision to bar them from picking up passengers on Tudor Street.

“That’s the bus stop situation outside Central [Police Station], which is currently designated as a disembarkation only point. We are actually asking for it to be returned to being a pick up and set down location. We are actually proposing some other measures that could be done along with that, that would make it very much workable,” she added. (EJ)

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