Beach cleaning, teacher beating

todays vendorI want to commend de staff at Guardian General fuh cleaning up over 400 pounds of garbage from Carlisle Bay beach last Saturday gone. I admire wunnah cleaning and bagging, Styrofoam containers, plastic cups, bottles and assorted other garbage –– giving up Saturday morning to clean up de beach.
Well done!

However, if wunnah pass back 24 hours later or a week later, wunnah gine see dat de effort was all in vain. Beaches don’t generate Styrofoam nor plastic cups, nor snack boxes. Dat is de work of human beings.

So unless we gine change attitudes to garbage, all wunnah gine earn from last weekend is sunburn and aching backs. We got to change attitudes; and when we get dat done, de National Conservation Commission will do de rest.

And by the way, cleaning de beaches is a job dat de staff at NCC getting paid to do, and we providing de taxes to cover.

We need nuff garbage cans pun de beaches, and we need dem cleared daily. So leh we start putting some effort in dat direction; change habits and we gine see big results. Clean beaches without changing behaviour, and de next day dem dirty again!

Dis past week, I read ’bout a lady with 12 children, ranging in age from just over 20 years old to two months old. Twelve children in dis day and age and
in need of help, needing housing and Government is required to step up.

I know yuh got to be politically correct, but good Lord, surely yuh should be more responsible. He did say to go forth and multiply, but He didn’t mean to multiply beyond yuh means
to support dem!

Mankind got to tek responsibility fuh duh actions. Before yuh decide to procreate, yuh should cogitate and contemplate, then procrastinate and only then percolate!

Even a cricket team does only got 11 players. And where is de father or fathers in all dis! Umpire, how’s that?

Last week, too, I was checking de crime statistics and discover that Bubbadus only got one murder fuh de year so far. I don’t know what responsible fuh such a low murder rate, but I celebrating dat fact in de hope dat dis not gine change, ’cause even one murder is too many.

But dis is a wonderful thing dat we into de middle of April and only one murder reported fuh de year so far.

Sadly, in de school system, violence against teachers seem to be pun de rise; and just dis past week, a teacher at Ellerslie Secondary School attempt to verbally discipline a schoolgirl and is reported to have been cuffed, spat pun and kicked in she vagina by de schoolgirl! De poor teacher is reported to be traumatized and home pun sick leave, while de school girl get suspend.

De teachers’ unions both up in arms, and rightly so; ’cause apparently violence against teachers is fast becoming more normal than not, and teachers reportedly frighten fuh some students.

Now, if de said school teacher did lock off de schoolgirl neck and drop-kick she back in she vagina and then spit pun she, de teacher woulda get discipline real fast.
I only hope de teacher gine get swift justice, ’cause justice delayed is justice denied.

Something really gone wrong when a teacher frighten fuh pupils. In my time, we use to quake in we boots when de teacher walk in de room; and, iffing yuh get send down by de headmaster office, wee wee dripping from yuh pants. Something gone horribly wrong in de system!

I like de rest ah we out here: gine watch and listen; but fuh now, I Market Vendor gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?

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  1. Cynthia Blackman
    Cynthia Blackman April 19, 2016 at 6:33 pm

    Exactly what I am saying cleaning today and same way tomorrow ,,


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