Barbados observes World Haemophilia Day


Today is World Haemophilia Day and for the first time Barbados officially observed the occasion with an awareness campaign launched by the Barbados Haemophilia Association at Massy Supermarket Warrens.

The new group – set up to offer support for Hemophiliacs in Barbados as well as their families –joined the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) and other global bleeding disorders communities.


This year the WFH focused on bringing attention to the common challenge of lack of access to treatment and care with the theme “Treatment for All is the Vision of All”.

Haemophilia is a rare bleeding disorder – which mainly affects males due to a defective gene on the Y chromosome – in which the blood takes longer than normal to clot, due to a deficiency in the clotting factor. Since it is inherited, sufferers are born with it; haemophilia is not contagious.

A key aspect of sensitization about this genetic blood disorder is getting rid of the myths, affirmed BHA President Erica Worrell, who was encouraged by the public’s response.

Patrons at Warrens Massy Supermarket– were able to interact with stakeholders including heamophiliacs, supportive family members and health practitioners, to find out more about the disorder.(SS)

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