Adidas says sorry for ‘racist’ depiction

West Indies allrounder Dwayne Bravo has accepted what he believes to be a “heartfelt and sincere apology” from the artist and creator of the caricature of him that caused a furore among his many fans, who described the image as being “racist”.

The offending caricature.
The offending caricature.

Adidas, who sponsors Bravo, posted a caricature of Bravo on Monday shortly after the Trinidad and Tobago all-rounder, who plays for the Gujarat Lions had taken 4 for 22 against the Kings XI Punjab to become to the first bowler to take 300 wickets in T20 cricket. The image depicted Bravo with big lips and huge teeth and triggered a negative reaction from fans.

The company apologised for the unfortunate depiction.

Bravo said after discussing the matter with his sponsors, he is now ready to put the matter behind him.

“I am forever driven by the love and support of my fans around the world. I am fortunate enough to have a vast, diverse and multicultural fan base that spans the globe and I credit a large part of my successes to each of them and I thank them all. It is for this reason why when my fans hurt, I hurt,” Bravo said in his statement.

“Having spoken to the members of the Adidas team, I am confident that they now understand [not just] the source of much upset but the historical context [particularly that of the West Indies] behind it. I have received what I feel to be a heartfelt, sincere apology from the artist and creator of the image and I have accepted it.”

The 2016 ICC Twenty20 World Cup champion said that it is against that background that it is time for wounds to be healed and for everyone to move on.

“I trust we can all learn lessons from this, including those of cultural sensitisation, forgiveness and understanding. I live by these values and hope that we can all focus on the positive and unifying elements of sport and entertainment that have made and continues to make us all champions.”

Dwayne Bravo accepted Adidas apology.
Dwayne Bravo accepted Adidas apology.

2 Responses to Adidas says sorry for ‘racist’ depiction

  1. Johnathan April 15, 2016 at 6:03 am

    A caricature is a comical and humorous depiction and I see nothing wrong with this one. The world has become too sensitive hence we kill for nothing.
    Look at the life picture with the broad smile ad mouth filled with teeth and then look at the comical depiction and there is a humorous resemblance.
    Social media and all this modern communication really gone to heads and everyone is trying to be important ..

  2. margaret p April 15, 2016 at 10:50 am

    So what exactly is racist about this? Drawing a caricature? It’s done all the time. Emphasizing the subject’s most easily recognizable feature? That’s what a caricature is. Look at his photo for goodness sake!

    If we learn to love ourselves in all our dark-skinned, big lipped, big bottomed, nappy headed glory, then these things won’t offend us. Stop it!


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