Reggae Beach Party at new venue

Barbados is gearing up for one of the biggest Reggae Festivals to date.

The new venue for Reggae On The Beach -- Pirates Cove.
The new venue for Reggae On The Beach — Pirates Cove.

Today, FAS Entertainment, producer of the show, held site visits at the three show venues, giving sponsors, vendors, technical crew and the media a first hand look at what the spots would be like.

Festival production manager Adisa Andwele told the media plans are well under way and the only thing left now was execution.

Reggae Festival production manager Adisa Andwele.
Reggae Festival production manager Adisa Andwele.

As for the Beach Party, it will be held at a completely new place — Pirates Cove.

FAS director Al Gilkes said it was a very beautiful venue and his team was happy to have included it.

FAS director Al Gilkes.
FAS director Al Gilkes.

“Pirates Cove is a recently developed venue . . . . It’s extremely large; so numbers don’t matter. It’s all sand as well; so patrons will get that full beach experience,” Gilkes added.

Pirates Cove, located on Bay Street, can house 10,000 patrons in General and 3,000 in VIP.

“There may be a few changes at Farley Hill for Reggae On The Hill,” Gilkes said, “but we have not settled on it. Our main concern was the layout of the VIP area. “Unfortunately, because of the lay of the land, there are a lot of roots. This year, we are working with out technical people to see where we can put platforms and so on. So we are still working that out at this point.”

The Vintage Reggae Show & Dance will return to Kensington Oval, and will retain the original format, including the dance floor for the dancers.

Gilkes said ticket sales were on par with last year’s, and he was happy with the way the planning was going so far. He added that patrons could look forward to a great festival as usual.

4 Responses to Reggae Beach Party at new venue

  1. Andrew Rudder April 14, 2016 at 11:09 am

    Great work ! To Al and crew this is a good idea and I pray to my God for its sustainability and safety! Security measures would be of prime importance! Culture is big on the island so I expect they are Bajans who can plait coconut leaves as we did back in time for those festive occasions.Here is wishing you all the best on a good social idea and project! Enjoy the best of Barbados!

  2. Ivy Lewis
    Ivy Lewis April 14, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    Wow. look what I am missing.

  3. Barbara Maynard
    Barbara Maynard April 14, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    I am missing a great event


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