Farewell to Dr Leonard Shorey

Family and friends of the late educator Dr Leonard Ludwig Shorey, yesterday bade farewell to the man whose work extended outside of Barbados and into the wider Caribbean for more than half a century.

Dr Shorey, whose name featured on the Barbados higher education landscape since 1962, passed away on April 4, aged 91.

The celebration of his life was held at the Chapel of Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens; his body will be cremated at a later date.

Family members, friends, colleagues and many others who benefitted from the life of Shorey gave a standing ovation as one of his grandchildren led the casket out of the Chapel after the sermon.

Following the casket was wife, Gertrude, with whom he would have celebrated 65 years of marriage in August.

Leonard Shorey’s daughter Brenda Pope (right) leads her mother, Shorey’s widow Gertude, out of the service.

Brenda Pope, one of his four daughters spoke of a family friend referring to Shorey as his moral compass. She also described her father as ‘an emancipated man’ who, long before the days of the women’s liberation movement, believed that a couple should share equally the responsibilities of raising a family.

“Not only did Dad tidy, vacuum and dust, but since mommy did the cooking he felt that it was only fair that she should not have to do the dishes as well, so he did them.

“Dad shone brilliantly as a father. One of the greatest attributes of our father was his sense of fairness and fair play.

“Dad was first and foremost a citizen of Barbados. He felt pride in his country and did his part to make the best it could be,” Pope told the congregation.

Members of the congregation.

Pope revealed that this recipient of the Barbados Gold of Merit for his outstanding work in education was such a stickler for finer points of anything, “that over a year ago he prepared the detailed format and content of his funeral service today, including specifics like the location, the funeral home to be used, the officiating minister, the number of hymns etc”.

That officiating minister, Dr Marcus Lashley, said that up to his last moments Dr Shorey was fully conscious of his illness and impending death, “which he willed to come to him”.

Lashley described Shorey as “bold, honest, fair, fearless, and unpretentious” and a man who challenged those in positions of power and spoke fearlessly on the issues of the day.

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  1. Leo Suslow April 1, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    I will miss this life long friend who I first met at the OAS. We stayed in touch through my visits to Leonard and Gertrude and our annual New Years calls. Our warmest wishes to the family .


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