Bourne warned to stay away from prison

COURT TODAY BLOCKHe tried to slip into a nightclub with cannabis, but Hakeem Alphonso Bourne had better not slip up for the next year.

If he does, he will find himself behind bars for three months.

The 19-year-old unemployed man of #2 Beryl Lane, Sayes Court, Christ Church was placed on probation for one year by Magistrate Douglas Frederick after pleading guilty to possession, supply and trafficking of cannabis.

In addition, he will also have to complete 240 hours of community service and undergo drug counselling.

Before sentencing him, Frederick warned the teenager to keep away from drugs, and that crime had the potential to ruin his life.

“You have a bright future ahead of you and your mother only wants the best for you. But if you continue to deal with drugs you are going to end up in prison and trust me, you don’t want to end up there, because you see how your pants dropping down now, you can’t do that in prison.

“You wouldn’t be able to bend down and take up the soap,” he warned him.

According to police prosecutor Station Sergeant Neville Watson, Bourne attempted to enter The Cove nightclub in St Lawerence Gap around 2:20 this morning.

However, he was subjected to a security search before entering and was found to be carrying one plastic bag containing four transparent bags.

Police were called and upon further investigation, the bags were found to contain cannabis.

The drugs weighed 27 grammes and had a street value of $135.

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