BCC students urged to love safely

Lessons on the proper use of condoms and the importance of engaging in safe sex were offered today to students at the Barbados Community College (BCC), as students of the Mass Communications programme launched a month of activities to stimulate awareness about sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

Shannon Gooding
Shannon Gooding

“From our first year, the students of Mass Comm have been tasked with finding innovative ways to spread the message of safe sex and abstinence. With great assistance from the HIV Commission, we have produced public service announcements, interviewed medical practitioners and those with the disease,”  project spokeswoman Shannon Gooding said as she delivered remarks during the launch of the Love Safely campaign.

Gooding said assistance for the launch came from students of BCC’s nursing department, as well as the Ministry of Health.

“On April 13, first and second year students will be marching in unison at the Pure Living rally. Stressing abstinence, we argue while there might be abundant messages on using condoms, it is perfectly fine to refuse.

“The best method of protection would be to not even enter into a life-threatening situation,” said Gooding, who revealed that on April 20 in the BCC’s Liberal Arts auditorium, students will share their opinions and experiences on the topic Where de Condoms at.

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