Big plans

officials look towards more success in 2017

There is no doubt that champions are created through hard work and already management of the victorious West Indies Twenty20 World Cup women’s team has created a 12-month plan for the upcoming 50-over World Cup scheduled for 2017.

Josina Luke, project officer of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) told those gathered in VIP at the Grantley Adams International Airport for the return of the women’s team yesterday, that there were plans already in place for the ladies and it was just to create the environment in which they could ensure those plans materialized.

She said West Indies’ success on the international stage was an opportunity for the Caribbean region to get behind cricket and they would get an even greater opportunity to do so when the West Indies hosted a stand alone Twenty20 World Cup in 2018.

“We have already started to put in place a twelve-month plan for the team’s success leading up to the World Cup in 2017. It is very important that we all support and the players are ready for this World Cup and ultimately the goal is to again win in 2017. This win is the opportunity for all players, support staff, the Caribbean nation, every single person, to get behind cricket. This win should also be used to help in the development process and encourage other young girls to play cricket and get involved whether it is umpiring, scoring, we must not forget these areas,” Luke said.

It clearly was not an overnight journey for the victorious West Indies T20 World Cup teams and the WICB project officer identified all that went into their preparations and all the persons who helped to make the region’s ladies champions.

“Throughout the past twelve months the team has played against the likes of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Africa and they also had training camps, development camps. And within these camps they have also had life skills training for example, media training, being an ambassador for West Indies, and that is an extremely important role for sports persons in today’s environment. That is something we believe will be an asset to the players and team in general.

“Additionally our hard working coaching staff had the ability to individually train players across the region within the past twelve months and to assess the players in terms of their development and to assist where necessary when they are outside the team setting. The territorial boards have also played and assisted in the development of the players.

“The team was graced with the presence of our sports and performance psychology coach. This is extremely important. We felt it necessary, especially with the long journey the team would have – close to two months. I am sure that the players would testify that it has been very beneficial to their success,” Luke explained, as they continue to seek out the next Deandra Dottin, Stafanie Taylor and Anisa Mohammed of the region.

She said authorities could not lose this important opportunity to engage and encourage females to take up the game. “Women’s cricket is on the rise and we want to keep it that way and encourage more girls to play more cricket. And with this win we believe that it will be an opportunity for to encourage our girls to play,” she said.

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  1. Tony Webster April 7, 2016 at 6:21 am

    Basic plan outline:
    1. Talk to IPL, (preferably a nice lady V.P.)…not C.P.L. (I.P.L. will get you a better deal wid dem, later)
    2. Get a bank account in Panama. In fact, get several- evahbody gine need one.
    3.$tart talking, even higher up I.P.L., and $isteren organi$ation$.
    4.Do not use e-mails for “planning”, or any negotiations; use a pre-loaded cell-phone wid an annonymous SIM. Do not talk to press/media until all eye$ are dotted and Tees$ cro$$ed; allow each PP, in each island, to announce de Big News, in person. Pay especial attention to any P.M. facing elections; or any that might suddenly find de oil price has bottomed, ( and still heading south) and might need a conveninent distraction.

    Truth be told, I much enjoy the game which the ladies play: lithe; sensous sweeps to leg (!) and elegant shots all around the wicket.

    Just hope $ucce$$ doesn’t spoil what is indeed, a glorious opportunity. Watch out for the googlies. Or the doorsas. Doosras?


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