Brathwaite’s family still celebrating

Carlos Brathwaite’s father knew yesterday would be a memorable one, not only for his family but for the entire Caribbean.

Members of the Brathwaite clan, including sister Chantelle, mother Joycelyn and father Chesterfield.
Members of the Brathwaite clan, including sister Chantelle, mother Joycelyn and father Chesterfield.

It was the day his son Carlos and his teammates, as well as their female counterparts would seek a double win in the World Twenty20 finals.

“I started off the day by saying that I would not go to work today because I feel I am going to see history made today. Because I expected the women to win and I expected the men to win,” Brathwaite, himself a former cricketer, told Barbados TODAY.

And they did not disappoint.

First, Stafanie Taylor led the women to victory against Australia in their maiden T20 win. Hours later, it was the turn of the men who faced rivals England at Eden Gardens in Kolkata. When it came down to the last over, with West Indies needing 19 runs off six balls to win, it was Brathwaite who saved the day, smashing four sixes to bring home the trophy.

“When I saw Carlos facing the last over, I said to myself, ‘once Carlos don’t play his sweep shot we’re gonna make those runs easy. And he played as straight as he possibly can,” Chesterfield Brathwaite said on Sunday.

“I always tell him when he is batting try and play as straight as possible. The thing I always discuss with him is his sweep shot. He didn’t really play a sweep shot [Sunday], he played a scoop.”

His mother, Joycelyn admitted she was a novice at cricket. However, she said she wasn’t nervous when her son started batting.

“I watched the first innings and after the [first] person get out I started praying. So it was prayer that lift him up. And his ability,” she said.

For her, the four sixes he scored were one each “for the mother, father, sister and himself,” she laughed.

Chantelle Brathwaite, wearing her West Indies jersey, was beaming with pride at what her brother had just accomplished.

“I couldn’t wait to see him bat,” she said.

“I know he was going to do something big but I wasn’t sure what it was, either bowling or batting. It turned out to be both.”

For Chesterfield Brathwaite, there was more to the day than the historic wins.

“I said last week that if West Indies win these three trophies you’ll hardly hear anybody getting killed, any fights . . . for a little while. Everybody is going to be happy, nobody is going to be grumpy no more, for a little while. And it’s a real good feeling,” he said. (MCW)

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  1. Donna Harewood April 5, 2016 at 7:13 am

    Champion, Champion!

  2. B Lara June 6, 2017 at 11:20 am

    I’d hate to see Chesterfield when he isn’t celebrating!!


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