Beware of ‘brownies’, police warn

Drug pushers appear to have found a clever way to openly peddle narcotics in a “growing trend” that has caused unease among the police.

As a result, the Royal Barbados Police Force has put school principals and parents on notice to keep their eyes peeled for children using brownies said to contain liquid derived from marijuana.

Schools and parents have been urged to keep a look out for “brownies” which police have reported contain marijuana resin.
Schools and parents have been urged to keep a look out for “brownies” which police have reported contain marijuana resin.

After witnessing the destruction of more than $13 million worth of illegal drugs in the incinerator at Seawell, Christ Church this morning, Acting Assistant Superintendent of Police David Welch told reporters that the Force was worried about this development.

Welch said the police drug squad has arrested and charged three people at a tertiary institution in St Michael and also recently seized several “brownies” with cannabis resin during an operation on a pleasure boat.

Lawmen also confiscated four vials of cocaine and a quantity of loose cannabis weighing 12.2 grammes.

The police spokesman noted that the brownies could easily be mistaken for a harmless cake and appealed to parents and principals to monitor their charges more closely.

“I must say today that in recent times we are seeing a trend of a cake we call brownie. This edible cake is made up from the liquid derived from cannabis and this is a trend that we are seeing on the rise. So we are asking those persons in charge of schools, also parents, to be on look out for this type of trend,” Welch stressed, adding that the brownies could be easily disguised and used openly.

“This trend should be closely monitored, especially around places of public entertainment . . . schools and also places that the younger persons frequent. This is not to say that you should just look at these areas, but at least be cognizant about what is going on relative to these quote unquote brownies,” the senior police officer warned.

Three years ago, police in Miami, Florida arrested a 22-year-old man on drug charges after nine high school students were hospitalized after eating what officials described as brownies containing an unidentified substance.

Authorities charged the man with possession of marijuana and cocaine and found brownies similar to the ones eaten by the students during a search in his house, officials said.

And earlier this year, two men who were caught with brownies on the premises of the Barbados O’ Level Institute at Bank Hall, St Michael on July 26 last year, were fined $4,000 each and given four months in which to come up with the money.

The elder of the two, 30-year-old Caleb Daniel Cooke of #60 Rock Dundo Park, Cave Hill, St Michael was fined an additional $30,000 payable in a year, after police found five kilogrammes of cannabis at his home.

Police told the court at the time that the two men had 44 brownies in bags on the back seat of their car and that when they executed a search warrant at Cooke’s home they found an additional ten brownies, along with a quantity of marijuana. (EJ)

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