BRA twist

The National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) is warning that workers seconded to the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) will not exercise their option to join that agency until they are assured that they will continue to benefit from the pension rights they currently enjoy as members of the Public Service.

The union also said the workers must first be given a clear outline of the terms of employment as mandated by the Employment Rights Act.

Acting Assistant General Secretary Wayne Walrond said that pensions were one of the most vexing issues that needed clarification before the workers agree to join the BRA staff.

“On this occasion we at the NUPW are seeking to ensure that we sign off on a collective agreement and when we sign off on that collective agreement then each worker should be issued with a copy of that contract to inform their decision. We are also insisting that BRA workers will continue under Cap 25 of the Pension Act which they enjoy now in the Public Service. We are further asking that the salaries and the time served under BRA be treated as pensionable,” Walrond told reporters today at the conclusion of a meeting with members of staff of BRA at NUPW headquarters on Dalkeith Road, St Michael.

The trade unionist acknowledged that some members had already made a decision, but he stressed that the union would continue to push for a collective agreement.

“We are advising that it would be prudent to have that collective agreement in their hands so that they can operate from an informed position. It will also ensure that they have clear agreements to cover their pension rights,” Walrond said.

Noting that the workers currently employed at BRA had been given a three-month extension of their secondment until June this year, Walrond said the workers would be advised against exercising their option to go with BRA at the end of this month.

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