Out and about on Easter Monday

Hundreds of Barbadians and visitors took advantage of today’s bright sunshine to spend Easter Monday outdoors.

The popular beaches were filled with people eager for a sun bath or a dip in the turquoise waters.

The white sand was the ideal playing ground for scores of children who played or built that dream castle. Parents kept their eyes on toddlers who stood on the shore splashing water all over themselves. It was also a good day for beach operators who took several customers for rides aboard their jet skis. And there were other beach goers who preferred to just lay on the sand and read a book, or just sleep.

Many people spent the day at the beach.

Others who opted for a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere, took their picnic baskets to various parks or scenic spots.

The Anglican Church organised a day of activities at Codrington College, St John, where members of the diocese and their friends gathered to enjoy an Easter Bonnet parade, Easter egg hunt, treasure hunt, kite flying and free pampering services, among others.

Many took the opportunity to feed the ducks in the lake, while watching those who had a fantastic time kayaking in the same space.

These youngsters were kayaking at Codrington College.

A makeshift tomb was also on site to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, to remind patrons of the reason for the occasion.

Organiser Shakeria White told Barbados TODAY that Easter at Codrington was put on to encourage a level of togetherness in the community.

Two children enjoying the outdoors at Codrington College.

Over in Parish Hill, St Joseph, the aroma of fish cakes, chicken wings and other delights greeted those who turned out to witness what is traditionally one of the biggest events of the season.

The crowd was as large as the two 25-foot kites they wanted to see raised into the air. Barbados TODAY did not get a chance to see the men from the community join hands and might to control the kites, but according to one man present, “them kites ain’t easy to get up in the air”.

One of the 25-foot kites at Parish Hill, St Joseph.

The kites were also prominent at the Garrison on this Easter bank holiday, even though it was not as packed as previous years. Kites of all sizes and shapes were being flown by children and adults alike, as some men could be seen holding the cord, teaching their little ones how it is done.

Mothers and grandparents sat in chairs nearby cheering on their children who jumped for joy as they watched the kites rise. (AH)

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