CP students told choose from early

Fifty first form students of Coleridge & Parry Secondary School received words of wisdom from Barbados TODAY’S CEO and Editor-In-Chief Kaymar Jordan.

Speaking at the Girls’ Empowerment session today at the Ashton Hall, St Peter institution, Jordan advised the girls to decide what they wanted to be from early and work towards it.

The girls got to take selfies with Kaymar Jordan after the session.
The girls got to take selfies with Kaymar Jordan after the session.

“You have to know what you want out of life, and spend time practising and honing your skills. Whatever you choose to do in life, look for opportunities where you can practise to get better.”

Jordan also reminded them of her primary school motto: Love God. Aim High. Keep Pure, which she said she still lived by to this day.

“Understand that there is a higher power. Set high goals and work hard to achieve them. Try not to be negative about anything, and you will go far,” the journalist implored the first formers.

Additionally, she told them to be very cautious of the decisions they made while still being young.

“Your years here at CP will fly by. Enjoy them. But be mindful that the decisions you make now will impact what you do and where you go in the future.”

She however encouraged them to enjoy their youth and not be in any hurry to grow up.

“Enjoy your childhood now. Go outside and play. Run around; don’t only focus on the iPads and computers. Have good clean fun,” she suggested.  

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