Mystery blast

Explosion survivor happy to be alive

Daniel Jackson of Forty Acres, St Thomas considers himself a very lucky man.

The 54-year-old was in his kitchen washing peas about 9:40 last night when a mysterious explosion sent him flying through the air.

Lying in a hospital bed with bandages about his body, Jackson told Barbados TODAY this afternoon that despite burns to his legs, hands and face, and the loss of skin from parts his body, he was grateful that he survived the blast.

“I am a believer in God. If I was not a believer in God, I would not be here today. I feel blessed because all two feet burn. I was there and I feel it,” he said.

Jackson, a patient at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, said the explosion was so powerful that it blew apart a door and sent items scattering across the kitchen.

“I holler so hard and some of the neighbours come out and ask what happen,” he recalled.

Despite the shock, Jackson said he still had the presence of mind to check the gas bottle and the refrigerator, both of which were intact.

With the horrific moments repeatedly flashing before his eyes, the injured man said he was pleased that he was still able to do something as simple as wiggling his toes.

The explosion, which was heard some distance away, left many residents puzzled.

Jerry Payne was among those who heard it. When he arrived on the scene soon after, he found his longtime friend in pain, so he rushed Jackson to the hospital.

“He was in so much pain. Even up to when I leave the hospital this morning and he had the drips, he was complaining about pain about the body,” Payne said.

The cause of the blast remains a mystery to residents, including Payne.

“What caused it is a puzzle to me. Everybody wants to know how it happen. I went and look at the gas bottle and it still intact, so what caused it?”

Jackson, too, was eager to get to the bottom of it; however, he told Barbados TODAY he would not speculate about the cause.

“I leaving it to the experts,” he said.

The police said in a release that the cause of the explosion had yet to be determined.

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