Call Out

The Barbados Workers Union (BWU) has summoned all public servants to an urgent meeting at noon tomorrow.

The union, which is now locked in a bitter dispute with the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) over the payment of outstanding monies due to workers, served notice that it was ready to step up action.




In a strong statement issued late this evening, the BWU charged that the BWA has persistently disregarded agreements and this was unacceptable.

“They committed to providing the information on March 02, 2016, again on March 07, 2016; then again on March 15, 2016. All those dates have come and gone, workers at the BWA are on strike and still, no proposal has been forthcoming.

“Further action is now required to cut through this type of arrogance and insensitivity that is the seeming new norm. It will not be accepted in the private sector and can definitely not be seen from Government as a public employer,” the union said.

It further public servants to turn out in their numbers, saying “injury to one is injury to all”.

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