Woman stabbed

residents say she’s lucky to be alive

A young St Michael woman is lucky to be alive after she was attacked in her home this morning by a man believed to be her boyfriend.

Police are on the hunt for the male suspect who stabbed 25-year-old Nixie Marks of Licorish Village sometime between 6:30 and 7 a.m. today. Marks received wounds to her hand and head.

The victim who was taken to hospital by ambulance, was treated and later discharged.

Residents who were awakened by Mark’s cries for help told Barbados TODAY this evening that after experiencing such an ordeal, their neighbour was “one lucky woman to be alive”.

“The screaming wake me up. Like the guy was waiting on her and when she got in he attacked her. It went on for like three minutes before she get way and run out and run down the road,” one resident said.

Keith Thompson who described Marks as a friendly individual, said he was still struggling to come to grips with the sight of the bleeding woman falling to the ground in his yard.

Keith Thompson
Keith Thompson

He said after assisting the injured woman to a chair, he attempted to stop the bleeding before calling the police and ambulance, both of which responded within 15 minutes.

“She ran from home, straight up there, opened up my gate and came in. She run in here and I saw when she collapsed,” Thompson said.

“She is a very friendly person. She mixes with everyone and everybody out here likes her. It is unfortunate that this happened to her. I heard that he [the suspect] was waiting in the house for her.”

Another resident explained to Barbados TODAY that she heard Marks crying out to her attacker that she was bleeding.

“He still keep beating she all the time. She run out through the back and I had to beg he to lef she. I had to beg he and he went long. She head was bleeding and she back was open by the plank and she fingers. She lucky, hear,” the neighbour said. (AH)

2 Responses to Woman stabbed

  1. lennox hewitt March 19, 2016 at 5:55 am

    Hope police catch him soon unprovoke attack on d woman he will get catch go court get bail back on streets want lossing way n prison

  2. Brewster March 19, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    Hand him a harsh sentence. This is attempted murder. Barbados needs to show the world that violence towards women will not be tolerated.


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