Pinelands ‘walk all over cancer’

The roads of Pine St. Michael were flowing with pink, as members of the Pinelands Creative Workshop and residents of the surrounding district walked in unison against cancer.

The walk, dubbed ‘Walk All over Cancer’, was organised by CEO of Pinelands Creative Workshop, Rodney Grant and cancer survivor Paulette Barrow, to raise awareness and community spirit against the disease.

Grant explained that he readily assisted Barrow in her efforts after witnessing his friends succumb to cancer.

“We believe that this walk…would create the necessary sensitization …as a community to really see the need to rally behind each other to support persons suffering from this,” said Grant.

He also pointed to the financial strain felt by those suffering from illnesses, especially cancer patients.

“We know that the cost of health care in Barbados is under threat, it has gone up and we know that in terms of cancer there are various tests that persons have to undertake … [also] there is the whole concept of any alternative diet, so we really felt that it was important to really do this because the cost of care, in terms of dealing with this is phenomenal.”

Cancer survivor Paulette Barrow (left) and Rodney Grant.

Grant added that the walk had in some ways achieved its goal in creating community spirit and raising awareness of cancer, as many residents within the constituency were coming forward to reveal that they too suffered from the disease.

“We have to begin to rebuild the whole concept of community building and community care, individual by individual, house by house, block by block and we’re going to stick to this approach because as communities we have to be caring for each other and we want to be able to build back that sense of care in how we come out and show support for one another,” Grant stated.

Cancer survivor Barrow, who was diagnosed in 2012, expressed her gratitude to everyone who supported her through her journey.

Her words of advice for battling cancer was, “know that it is not the end of the road and we must always keep our fight – fight the fight and keep strong.”  (KK)


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  1. Valarie Rock
    Valarie Rock March 19, 2016 at 10:53 pm

    I know u were here in spirit Ibo Oxley.


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