Barbados Uh Come From: BIDC showcases local craft

Barbadian companies had an opportunity to showcase their goods to approximately 6,700 cruise passengers when the Barbados Uh Come From Marketplace returned to the Princess Alice Highway earlier this week.

The event was the second to be held this winter tourist season, and was hosted by the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) in collaboration with the Barbados Manufacturers Association, the Barbados Tourism Product Authority and the National Cultural Foundation.

The seafront location allowed local companies to showcase their products to cruise passengers as well as local bargain hunters who patronised the event.

BIDC staff admire some of the local craft on display.

The one-day gathering was aimed at promoting and generating sales of Barbadian-made goods through local purchases and onshore exports.

Chief Executive Officer at BIDC, Sonja Trotman said the second installation offered an all-inclusive package of food, entertainment and arts, and also brought together four major partners who are all keen on taking the island’s best brands beyond its shores.

“We are constantly looking for opportunities to expand the market space for Barbadian Companies… home turf is always a good place for companies to start building their competitiveness and appeal to international consumers particularly if they wish to explore export markets.  For some companies, this marketplace could be the first step toward international marketing,” Trotman said.

Cruise ship passengers were treated to local craft work.

The marketplace highlighted several local food and beverage products in a Sweet Tooth Corner, a Sampling Station and a Bajan Food Fair.

Those interested in something more artistic visited several of the local shops at the Pelican Craft Centre, hand crafters and small boutique businesses lining the outdoor venue.

In keeping with the celebrations of Barbados’ 50th anniversary of independence, the market place also offered patrons a view through time, with the installation of a Heritage Museum at the Bagnalls Point Gallery, highlighting pieces from the collection of Barbadian artist, Fielding Babb.

An estimated 60 companies participated in the ev3ent, which was hosted as part of the Going Global initiative. Going Global is an export expansion initiative intended to grow Barbados’ exports by a margin of 10 per cent or BDS $55 million by the end of 2016.





Source: BGIS

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  1. Kerri Katrina Codrington
    Kerri Katrina Codrington March 19, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    Opastijar Nobl has the best locally crafted and environmentally friendly bags and accessories. Bought tonnes of stuff from them.


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