Subnormal sex

Short Man admits to intercourse with ‘slow’ teen

COURT TODAY BLOCKLenard Rupert Short Man Clarke will be sentenced later for having sexual intercourse with and raping a subnormal person five years ago, who was not his spouse and whom he knew or believed was subnormal.

Clarke, of Martindale’s Road, St Michael was 39 years old when he committed the offence. He pleaded guilty before Justice Jacqueline Cornelius earlier this year but the facts of the matter were presented to the No. 5 Supreme Court today when he returned there.

Clarke sometimes worked for the girl’s mother and “some degree of interest developed between the parties” during that time, Principal Crown Counsel Elwood Watts said.

He said Clarke and the female had intercourse behind a building on October 3, 2010 and there appeared to be some measure of consent. However, five days later when intercourse again took place, the girl told police that she tried to push Clarke off but was unable to do so.

She also told her father about the incident, accompanied police to where the incident took place and showed them where Clarke had disposed of the condom.

The prosecutor also informed the court that the complaint to police had actually been made by the girl’s father, who saw Clarke speaking with her on one occasion. He confronted Clarke, they exchanged words and the father then went to his daughter’s house and questioned her. That was when she told him Clarke had sex with her.

However, Clarke’s version of the events was that the teenaged girl always found a way to be close to him and he never chased her, even though he knew she was subnormal, because she made him feel good.

He also told police that on the occasions when they had intercourse, she neither put up a fight nor scuffled. In his statement to lawmen, he recounted that on October 8, 2015 the girl approached him saying that her mother had run her out of the house. He and the girl then took a walk which ended at Jemmott’s Lane. They then entered an abandoned house and had intercourse there. Later, they got dressed and walked along Browne’s Beach where Clarke said he “husked four almonds” and gave the girl before they went their separate ways.

The prosecutor also told the court that Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at the Psychiatric Hospital, Dr Beresford Connell, examined the 18-year-old and found her to be functioning as an eight to 12 –year-old child.

Clarke’s 10 previous convictions were read to the court today as well. They included robberies -including that of attorney-at-law Zarina Khan – having apparatus and damage to a vehicle.     

The case was adjourned until May 17 when a psychiatric report and the time Clarke has spent on remand in relation to this matter, will be presented to the court.

Clarke’s attorney Alvan Babb is also expected to mitigate on his behalf.

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