Man sent for evaluation threatens to kill himself

COURT TODAY BLOCKAccused of going on to a school compound after the principal forbade him, Peter Samuel James was remanded to the Psychiatric Hospital after appearing in a Bridgetown court earlier today.

James, of no fixed address, went before Magistrate Douglas Frederick in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court. When the accused was asked to plead to a charge of loitering on the premises of Trinity Academy on Tuesday, James began speaking about something else.

The 52-year-old was asked to plead a second time and responded: “I am pleading not guilty because I was sitting down on a wall there eating a bread.”

When the question of bail arose, Station Sergeant Neville Watson told the court he would not normally object to bail under such circumstances but since James “has no fixed place . . . ”

James interjected and began rambling on about a house which his mother, who died last June, left for him.

“Rightfully I should have first rights to it,” he said. He continued, however, to ramble on so long about the house, the charge and the prosecutor, that the magistrate decided it would be best if James were evaluated “to see what is going on with him”.

James was not impressed. As he left the dock on his way to the Psychiatric Hospital, he looked back and glared at Magistrate Frederick, saying: “I gine kill myself too ‘cause I can’t tek no unfairness. De whole thing is a set-up. And you is a magistrate.”

He will return to the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court on April 1.

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    Michael Crichlow March 16, 2016 at 9:38 pm

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