Wrong sister

‘He is not my type’, says complainant

COURT TODAY BLOCKLast week Nicholas Henry Rico Bailey told a Bridgetown Court that Chanet Toppin was jealous of his relationship with her sister and that during a fit of jealously on February 6 this year, she had assaulted him, which forced him to retaliate.

However, his story sounded strange to Magistrate Douglas Fredrick, who opted to remand him to HMP Dodds until today when Toppin, who is the complainant in the case brought against Bailey, was due to be in court.

When asked about her relationship with Bailey, the 26-year-old woman of Phillips Road, St Stephens Hill, St Michael, replied:

“Sir, honestly? He is not my type of man [and] he is nothing that I would like.”

However, she acknowledged that Bailey used to talk to her sister.

Questioned about the injury she suffered as a result of being struck at the back of her head by Bailey, the complainant said it was swollen and hurting.

Additionally, she said her doctor had told her she had suffered a concussion. She also said she was afraid to leave home to attend classes following his attack.

Toppin, who had not incurred any medical costs, refused compensation, but said she regretted the day she first set eyes on Bailey.

Last week the court heard that Toppin had accompanying her sister to Bailey’s house. As they were leaving there to go to Deacons, he and Toppin got into an argument and she soon felt a blow to the back of the head.

In giving his version of the story, Bailey said he had only hit out at Toppin after she slapped him in a fit of jealousy. He also said that though he was aware that she liked him, he was already involved with her sister.

“I have observed that you don’t have a lot of respect for women,” the magistrate told Bailey, based on his conviction record and on the number of outstanding matters still pending, involving females.

“You have a problem and you are a danger to women,” Frederick said.

He therefore sentenced Bailey to six months in jail, suggesting that it should be enough time for him to reflect and “hopefully come out a better person”.

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