Redman goes to Springer

President of the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU) Mary Redman visits Springer Memorial Secondary School on Government Hill, St Michael tomorrow for a first-hand assessment of the environmental challenges facing students and teachers there.

Redman made the disclosure today following reports that first and second form students at the school have been sent home for the remainder of the term after the pupils complained of environmental problems arising from a construction site east of the school.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY, the union boss said she planned to visit the premises tomorrow morning “to ensure that arrangements that have been put in place at the school are in keeping with what is working for members and that things have been done to the staff room to ameliorate the conditions”.

The BSTU head said that the teaching staff had complained of mounting dust in the classroom, explaining that if they wiped their desks clean in the morning, they would be covered in dust by lunchtime.   

The senior trade unionist pointed out that there had been no complaints about environmental issues at the school until construction of a new reservoir began to the east of the school.

“I believe that this is the block or the wing of the school adjacent to where the construction is being carried out. I will see all of that tomorrow. I am not in a position to say anything because I have not visited the school yet. I am not au fait with the physical plant, so I cannot say anything at this time,” Redman said.

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