Book offers financial advice to children

Melinda Belle speaking during yesterday’s launch of her new book

The launch of ‘Lampy The Lighthouse’ yesterday afternoon was the fruition of a dream for author and financial consultant Melinda Belle.

Belle, the founder of Astrape Finance, shared her inspiration about the activity book for children ages 4 to 11, with a large audience on the deck of the playpark at Artsplash in Hastings.

The company which assists people with attaining ‘financial leadership’ and ‘steadily accumulating wealth’, decided to add a product to their services – a child-friendly package in the form of a colouring book.

“Inside are various exercises which challenge your children. They are introduced to the concept of money, what it is…the concept of earning and spending. They learn about the various ways they could earn money and there’s even a section where we tell them if they’re good, Mummy and Daddy might reward you for the chores you do,” explained Belle.

Parents were also urged to view purchasing the activity book as an investment.

The book launch presented the perfect opportunity to celebrate Astrape Finance’s fourth anniversary on March 1st.

Faith Millington, the illustrator for the project remarked on the timeliness of the book for preparing the present generation exposed to “instant finance” and the future of a cashless world. Millington met the challenges of making a lighthouse into a mascot that would be appealing and ensuring that culturally relevant elements were included.

Artiste Sirrah (Kerrian Hurley) performed her original, inspirational pop song ‘Reassurance’. Hurley, who is also a social worker, revealed that “Lampy The Lighthouse” would provide a good resource for the children of the young mothers she assists.

Astrape Finance also used the occasion to announce the winners of their Facebook promotion leading up to the launch. Kay Lucas, Janelle Bruce and Janet Olton-Brathwaite were awarded complimentary finance sessions.


“Lampy The Lighthouse” colouring books can be obtained from Astrape Finance for BDS $25.00.



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