Nation needs healing

Evangelists pray outside Fontabelle newspaper

Concerned about rising gun crime, illegal drugs and cyber-bullying, a group of prayer warriors, led by evangelist Courtney Selman, took off from the Jubilee Gardens on Lower Broad Street, the City at eight this morning on a spiritual mission to “heal” the nation.

The group, which has been staging the Day of Prayer on March 4 for past eight years, had as its theme this year, Let us March Forward on Our Knees.

The first stop on today’s healing mission was the Nation Newspaper on Fontabelle, St Michael.
The first stop on today’s healing mission was the Nation Newspaper on Fontabelle, St Michael.

Their first stop was the office of the Nation Publishing Company on Fontabelle, St Michael, where several members of staff joined in prayer worship, led by Bishop Ram Balgobin. They were also scheduled to visit the island’s two main ports of entry, as well as several beaches, as part of the day’s activities.

In an interview with reporters shortly before they departed for the Bridgetown Port, Selman zeroed in on the high level of unemployment among the island’s youth, as he revealed plans for the purchase of 500 weed-whackers for distribution to jobless youth on the block.

He also intends to set up a car washing business, estimating that it would provide weekly earnings of $500 to $600 for its employees.

Noting that religious knowledge was no longer being taught in some of the island’s schools, the evangelist said he wanted to establish a special religious school.

Last month, during their 13th anniversary service at Restoration Ministries, Britton’s Hill, St Michael, Selman had invited the congregation to join with him in the national day of prayer. On that occasion, he expressed concern that even though Barbados was not a manufacturer of guns, they were getting into the hands of criminals, who were using them to commit heinous crimes.

Selman had also voiced strong concern that illicit drugs were posing a major health and security challenge for the country.

And in support of statements made by Acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith, the evangelist had complained that guns and illicit drugs were entering through the ports of entry, as well as by boat.

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