Glenburnie residents suffering from road rage

Residents of Glenburnie, St John say they are fed up with complaining to authorities about noticeable cracks that have been appearing on the road for some time.

Cracks along the road at Glenburnie, St John.
Cracks along the road at Glenburnie, St John.

When Barbados TODAY visited the community today, residents, particularly the elderly, said the cracks were extending and getting worse.

They were fearful the situation could worsen and put their lives in danger.

Jean Downes, who is visually impaired in one eye after undergoing surgery to the head, said she avoided walking close to the cracks. She noted, however, that it was a frightening experience whenever she left her house, “because I never know if another area is opening.”

To add to her worries, the elderly woman said she was concerned about her land slipping or giving way as a result of the cracking road.

“And I am truly scared of walking. I feel like anytime I step over the whole thing going down. They have to fix it or somebody would get hurt,” she said.

“I am scared of the rolling and the trucks that pass because they keep a lot of rolling and vibration in the house,” Downes went on.

“I would like to know if at any time, anything goes wrong with the house if they would stand responsibility. There are cracks right in front my house.”

Downes said she was out of the island when the road was under construction and alleged that some of her land was cut away without her consent.

She said it was unfair that there was a level of destruction to her property and though she complained to authorities, she got no satisfaction.

“One time I came home from going overseas to get my medicals and all of the tiles were off. I even went to my insurance and ask if they could do anything for me and they told me no,” Downes said.

Another resident, who requested anonymity, said she was tired of calling the Ministry of Transport and Works and was now playing the waiting game.

“I know people in places does come up in here and see how this road stand. You mean that nobody ain’t seeing how this road cracking?” the resident asked.

Cynthia Skeete, another resident, said she had concerns about the road from the time it was being constructed and had put forward her queries to those who were directly associated with the project. She too was worried about the stability of the road, adding that she often asked the authorities to come and look at it.

Cynthia Skeete
Cynthia Skeete

“It start to crack and you call the people, dem come when them feel like. You know the workers used to tell we, ‘wunna live in the back and wunna still want the best’,” Skeete said.

“What more can we do? Nobody ain’t come back to help or look at yuh so I give up,” she added.

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