Jones hails youth at Agrofest

Education Minister Ronald Jones has lauded the participation of young people in this year’s Agrofest, saying he was “extremely pleased” with the quality of their work.

“I’m seeing a variety of different things. A great amount of produce. I’ve seen the work of the schools, the 4H movement… I’m seeing so many young people who are involved in and engaging in it. From the production to animals to plants to food,” he said.

“I saw some excellent work from students from Windsor High with their soaps, creams, gels and scrubs all naturally made at the school. It shows that schools are really responding to the call of the entrepreneurial initiative.  I’ve seen several at BMEX but it is good here at Agrofest to see that as well,” Jones said.

He also had high praise for the creativity of the 4H members and the variety of products on display.

“I would never have thought about doing an okra punch, they are even doing sweet potato punch as well. In other words they are using produce that they plan to turn into punches as well. It’s really remarkable at St. George secondary how they are using a small space to produce things.  They are using so many different things to still get food and so on,” he added.

Joyce Branch of Touch of Eden nursery, who has been a vendor at Agrofest for four years, was also impressed with the exhibits this year, but she is concerned that numbers may begin to fall if different attractions are not introduced.

“The crowd seem to be growing, but unless you start to add new things there will be a decline so the organizers have to look to add different things as the years go on,” she said.

Branch, who specializes in plants and fruit trees, said her business is doing well despite the water shortage.

“We are very satisfied with what we have done so far. Bearing in mind the limitations that has been placed on watering plants. There
(are) still a lot of plant enthusiasts so we are pleased with what we have seen so far.  I also realize that herbs and fruit tree have become very popular,” she added.

Regular patron, Kernelle Holder, told Barbados TODAY she was pleased with this year’s event.

“We make it a family event each year. So far so good. The experience is nice. I come every single year. I’m seeing … a little more of everything,” Holder said.


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  1. Andrew Rudder February 29, 2016 at 11:21 am

    I’m extremely delighted to receive such good news from Mr Jones on those students especially The Windsor High and the 4-H club members. Thank you young Barbados for your national pride and industrial efforts. We know you care!


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