Community Dance Fest goes commercial

After ten years of entertaining Barbadians, the Community Dance Festival is venturing into cyberspace as a commercial enterprise, Minister of Community Development and Social Care Steve Blackett has announced.

Addressing the 10th awards ceremony of the festival last night, Blackett noted that since setting up a website and Facebook account last year, the performances have been viewed by thousands.

He told dancers, choreographers, officials and other well-wishers in the Warrens Office Complex car park, that with the help of corporate Barbados, it is time to cash in on the displayed artistic ability.

He spoke of Dance Fest organisers creating the ‘Idancefest’ website and facebook page that enabled the public to view recorded performances and keep up to date with activities.

Community Development Minister Steve Blackett.

Blackett noted that this online presence received 50,000 respondents and 30,000 viewed the recordings.

“This showed us the wide reach of social media and signaled the need to be aware of the rewarding financial benefits that can be attained with a properly executed social media campaign.

“For the 2016-2017 season, Idancefest will definitely be exploring the financial opportunities that can be accrued when using cyberspace to transmit the seamless flow of information,” he said.

But as he thanked the many corporate sponsors who made last night’s event possible he called for more to come on board and assist in the full development of the young Barbadians.

“As we celebrate the achievements of our dancers, we must remember that for many of them, dance has become the medium by which they are able to empower themselves.

“I am appealing to other members of corporate Barbados to partner with the Community Development Department in implementing Community Dance Fest so that it becomes a programme that solidifies itself as the bedrock of creating and enhancing all round development of aspiring dancers as they attempt to secure academic qualifications and technical skill sets in dance, and its associated fields,” Blackett said.


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  1. Tony Waterman March 1, 2016 at 10:02 pm

    @Community Development Minister Steve Blackett.!!!!! Blackett noted that this online presence received 50,000 respondents and 30,000 viewed the recordings.BUT!!!!how does it make MONEY????????


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