Fat Child wants help with new recycling plan

They have not been seeing eye-to-eye recently, but businessman Anderson Fat Child Cherry has a new waste disposal proposition that he hopes his colleague Ralph Bizzy Williams will not refuse.

Cherry, whose recycling operation at Lears, St Michael was recently deemed illegal by the Town and Country Planning Department, plans to build a multi-million dollar recycling facility at Vaucluse in St Thomas and he wants Bizzy to help fund it.

Cherry has invited Williams, the owner of Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre (SBRC), which handles the bulk of Government’s waste disposal, to visit the proposed site.

His caveat though is that SBRC would have to share with him the subvention it gets for the processing and handling of waste. Cherry also said the same should be done for other waste haulers who are diverting waste from SBRC even though Williams had already rubbished the thought of giving Cherry any of the $24million in payments SBRC gets annually from the State for processing a minimum guaranteed 1,000 tonnes of solid waste.

Saying it was a case of sour grapes since the Jose Y Jose boss had the opportunity to bid for tender to build a similar facility but did not, Williams told Barbados TODAY earlier this month that “the bottom line is that having ignored the tender process, Mr Cherry believes that SBRC is making a lot of money, so he wants it.

“He thought he could make a lot of money recycling, but having started it, he has discovered that he is losing his shirt and now he wants SBRC to bail him out with $6 million,” the SBRC owner said then.

He had also strongly knocked Cherry’s operation at Lears, saying while “every tonne of material that SBRC receives is sorted to ensure that no dangerous material that could contaminate our water supply is sent to refill abandoned quarries,” in Cherry’s case,  the Town Planning authority had asked that he not “receive and store material there [at Lears Quarry] because of the danger of contaminating our water supply, yet he continues to do it”.

However, Cherry told Barbados TODAY this afternoon he was still hoping to discuss his $65 million Recycle Barbados project with Williams. He explained that the new project would entail the separation and recycling of waste at Vaucluse once the necessary trucks and machinery were purchased.

Although he is yet to receive Town Planning approval for the Vaucluse project, Cherry has started clearing the 67.9 acres site, which is said to be adjacent to land owned by the Sanitation Service Authority.

“So I hope for the best here now. That will be the future home and I just hope approval would come soon,” he told Barbados TODAY.

A groundbreaking ceremony is planned for later this year, with the aim of providing a “clear” alternative to the island’s existing waste management system.

In the meantime, the Lears quarry, which Cherry insisted was not in breach of the law, remains open to receiving construction waste and topsoil.

Cherry said a crowd funding campaign had also been rolled out where people could sign up and get their waste separated and collected and receive hundreds of dollars in free givebacks.


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  1. dap February 27, 2016 at 7:47 pm

    You shut your mouth because if you know about politics in my sweet Barbados you would know that for years the BLP was always for the whites and those that already have.Mia own majority of that company so if the Bee’s get back in power they have no problem


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