Barrow film –– in the House

A new Errol Barrow film is under way, and the excitement is building.

Today, the film crew and actors were on location at Parliament going through final rehearsal and shooting for that particular scene; and Step By Step Productions allowed the media inside for a first-hand look.

Co-producer Dave Weekes.
Co-producer Dave Weekes.

The film is expected to premiere in November, just in time for our golden jubilee; and co-producer Dave Weekes says it is expected to be spectacular.

He told Barbados TODAY that so far everything was going according to plan and he was quite proud of what he had seen so far.

“Filming has gone very well. We had several scenes done in Codrington College in St John. The actors that came in Adrian Holmes, Lisa Arnell Anderson, Robert Riley, they all did a fantastic job, as well as our own Sean Fields. We are very happy with how the acting has gone. We are very proud.

Actor Adrian Holmes who plays The Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow.
Actor Adrian Holmes who plays The Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow.
Adrian Holmes going through his rehearsal.
Adrian Holmes going through his rehearsal.

“Here in Parliament you have a lot of local stars. We have RPB, Blood, Mac Fingall, Ishaka, Adrian Green –– and these are some of the persons you have in the film because we want to put the best of Barbados out there. We also want to showcase the best that we have in Barbados,” Weekes explained.

Mac Fingall plays a key role in the Parliament scene in the Errol Barrow film.
Mac Fingall plays a key role in the Parliament scene in the Errol Barrow film.

He said what he liked most about the film was how timely it looked.

“What I like about it, it looks very period. It does look like back in the ’60s and ’70s.

Kudos to our hair make-up and wardrobe crew, which is headed by Marietta Carter Narcis. She has worked on films such as Sparkle, Malcolm X. She has worked with Spike Lee, Tina Turner.

“She is a Barbadian and she is doing some awesome work. We are glad to have her here working with us bringing film-making to another level. I think when you see this film, you will see the value of her work,” he added.

Weekes urged all Barbadians to come out and see the film, which will bring to life all the details of Barrow’s life to the world.

“They key thing that you will see in this film is the awesomeness of Errol Barrow. You are going to be in for a ride –– the scenes that we are re-enacting. For example, we are re-enacting a scene here in Parliament with the discussion on whether Barbados should have Independence or not, and the different opinions from the parliamentary debate.

“Everyone knows about the Mirror Image speech. You are going to see segments of that coming out. You are also going to see his absolute humanity. How he used to help people and entertain people in his home.

“He was just an amazing man; and we are so proud and happy that we get the opportunity to bring the detail all the life experiences of Mr Barrow to the Barbadian public and to the world,” Weekes stated.

He thanked all the sponsors in the public and private sector for coming on board, but he also pleaded for more to offer their assistance to the important film.

“We want to make Barbadians very proud. We thank all the sponsors who have contributed significantly to what you are going to see on screen.

“There is also a code funding site. Barbadians have been giving; not in the numbers that we would like, but they have been giving; and we want to say thanks and utmost respect to that.

“We are going to set up another code funding account, and any Barbadian can go online and give $10, $20, and that all goes to helping us make the film. After this stage, we go into post-production and then into marketing and distribution. We are going to have a Barbados premier and an international premier; and we want both of them to be grand,” he added.

Weekes said the aim was to showcase this film to the entire world.

“We don’t want this film to just be seen in Barbados at the Olympus or in Limegrove; we really want this film to be shown throughout the Caribbean and the world, as Mr  Barrow had significant ties in the UK. He was in the Royal Air Force . . . . “We are going to arm’s length to make it a really good quality film,” he promised.

3 Responses to Barrow film –– in the House

  1. Sue February 26, 2016 at 12:31 pm

    Will Nina Simone’s role in his life be featured in the film?

  2. J. Payne February 26, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    looks like they forgot to swap out watches and mics for pieces of that era.

  3. J. Payne February 26, 2016 at 8:39 pm

    N. big air conditioner above the door could have been cover up with a white magnetic sheet n windows open to appear like how things were at that time.


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