Stop indiscriminate burning

Stop indiscriminate burning.

This call came from Natasha Forde, Fire Prevention Officer with the Barbados Fire Service after a grass fire in Enterprise, Christ Church damaged an apartment building this evening.


“Originally this started as a grass fire. But as you can see the grass has grown right up to the structure. So obviously you have fire going and you have high wind you know what is going to happen next, it’s only natural that it is going to catch.

“What we are advising homeowners to do at this point in time is to be very mindful of the high winds. Stop the indiscriminate burning. People are just burning, and talking about fires burning naturally. These fires don’t start naturally. Stop the burning at this point in time,” Forde pleaded.


She further cautioned the public to keep their properties free of bush.

“Have your home at least ten feet away from bush. If you know your home is close to a gully, or bush, have a clearing of at least ten feet.”

The timber warehouse attached at the back of the apartments was completely destroyed by the blaze.


Two senior officers and seven fire officers responded with three tenders and a water tanker.


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  1. Veoma Ali
    Veoma Ali February 24, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    agreed totally.


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