St Peter man pleads guilty to unlawful killing

COURT TODAY BLOCKEvans Burnham died at the hands of Toneal Omar Walrond over four years ago.

Late last week, when Walrond went before a High Court judge, the French Village, St Peter resident denied murdering Burnham but pleaded guilty to unlawfully killing him sometime between July 1 and 8, 2011.

He returned today before Justice Michelle Weekes in the No. 2 Supreme Court, where the facts of his case were presented.

Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Donna Babb-Agard, QC, referred to Walrond’s statement in which he said he went to Burnham’s Black Bess, St Peter home one Friday night to collect some money.

Instead of paying him, Walrond said Burnham “take up a chair and hit me”. The two then fought and it was during that time that Walrond took up a piece of wood and hit Burnham with it “round he face more than once”.

Burnham fell and Walrond helped him into the house, got ice from the refrigerator and handed it to him. After that, he said he panicked and left the house by car.

During subsequent police investigations, he took them back to the house and pointed out the chair and other relevant areas.

Walrond was originally charged with serious bodily harm but that was upgraded to murder after Burnham died.

After Walrond was informed of this by a sergeant, he responded by saying, “I can’t believe he dead just so.”

The convicted man is being represented by attorneys-at-law Carol-Ann Best and Alexandria Thomas.

Best requested that a pre-sentencing report be done on her client before she mitigates on his behalf. The time he has spent so far on remand will also be presented then.

The court learnt today that Walrond had three previous convictions, all occurring between 2000 and 2002. They were for criminal damage, throwing a stone on a highway and burglary.

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